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Toprol-XL blocks beta-1 receptors. Coreg blocks beta-1, beta-2, and alpha-receptors. They are both good for heart failure. Coreg lowers blood pressure more, toprol and a-fib, so if you already have low blood pressure, you might want to aspirin tylenol anti inflammatory Toprol-XL. Toprol-XL costs less, and may improve exercise ability more.

Target dose for Toprol-XL is usually mg once a day. Coreg target dose depends on your weight - if you weigh pounds or less, it will probably be 25mg twice a day. If you weigh more then pounds, it will probably be 50mg twice a day, toprol and a-fib. With either drug, you should start at low dose toprol and a-fib work your way up slowly, raising dose about toprol and a-fib 2 weeks.

Toprol-XL is the controlled release version of metoprolol, toprol and a-fib, but is not the same toprol and a-fib as "metoprolol. Your weakened heart is wearing itself out, trying to make up for its weak pumping action by pumping more times per minute.

Beta-blockers slow your heart rate, toprol and a-fib, which lessens this wearing-out process. Coreg also blocks alpha receptors in artery walls. This relaxes expands your arteries, lowering the resistance your heart pumps against - your blood pressure. Beta-blockers can also reduce some heart arrhythmias, including PVCs. Coreg is also an antioxidantbut how much this helps CHF is hotly debated.

Which beta-blocker should you take? Read the articles below and then talk to your doctor. Do beta-blockers help CHFers live longer? Beta-blockers reduce the number of times we end up in the hospital to have fluid drained, and also reduce our risk of death. A word of caution - our "numbers" get better on Coreg but many CHFers do not feel any better on Coreg. Other CHFers feel great after starting Coreg. I have personally noticed since starting Coreg that when Zostavax and zomidex and famvir get really stressed, adrenaline seems to stay in my system a lot longer, making me feel sort of sick and nasty for an hour or two.

Beta-blockers may raise blood sugar so they can change your insulin requirements if you are diabetic. Monitor your blood sugar carefully. Taking a beta-blocker also raises your risk for developing diabetes.

People with asthma should not take a beta-blocker. If you do, toprol and a-fib, you should be monitored continuously for several hours after your first dose and whenever your dose is changed. Asthmatics should never start or raise the dose of any beta-blocker without a doctor present. This may not matter but your blood should be tested during beta-blocker start-up if you are taking digoxin, toprol and a-fib. Always take Coreg with food.

This affects how your body absorbs the drug. You may not have any side effects at all, but most CHFers do have some increased side effects when starting or raising their beta-blocker dose. A lot of people in Coreg trials got upper respiratory infections but no one knows exactly why. Some other potential side effects include: More about Coreg and its side effects herehere, hereherehereand here. Metoprolol is not a generic form of Toprol-XL.

Metoprolol is not time-released like Toprol-XL. Your blood level of the drug spikes up and down with metoprolol. With Toprol-XL, you get a nice steady blood level of the drug. Which do toprol and a-fib think your heart likes better?! You can read the technical information on this from the manufacturer at chfpatients. For more about this, see chfpatients. December 18, toprol and a-fib, - We know that different beta-blockers have different effects in CHFers.

For instance see let it load chfpatients. These differences really matter to us CHFers. Nebivolol is a new beta-blocker that blocks mainly beta-1 receptors like Toprol-XL and also relaxes vasodilates arteries toprol and a-fib Coreg.

Strict trials show that once-daily treatment reduces both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, has very few side effects, and does not cause adverse events.

Nebivolol significantly reduces symptoms and risk of death in elderly patients with chronic heart failure, regardless of EF.

Nebivolol is already available in Europe for high blood pressure and is expected to be available toprol and a-fib in the United States. The role of the new beta-blockers in treating cardiovascular disease.

March 27, - A "third generation" new toprol and a-fib called Nebivolol is on the way. Nebivolol has the main good benefit of Toprol-XL beta-1 blocking without beta-2 blocking plus one of the good benefits of Coreg relaxing the arteries, called vasodilation.

It also helps endothelial function and is a powerful anti-oxidant. Researchers studied how nebivolol affects systolic versus diastolic left heart function in patients.

Echo was done on each patient to take quite a few heart measures at study start and again one toprol and a-fib later. Toprol and a-fib measures remained the same. So in patients with weakly pumping hearts low EFnebivolol reduces heart size and improves EF.

In patients with near-normal or normal EF diastolic heart failure no changes in the heart muscle were seen. What does this mean? It suggests that CHFers with diastolic heart failure may now have a drug proven to help them. Epub Jan Effects of nebivolol in elderly heart failure patients with or without systolic left ventricular dysfunction: European toprol and a-fib now find that beta-blockers may be partly responsible, toprol and a-fib.

Researchers studied changes in body make-up in 41 CHFers taking beta-blockers, toprol and a-fib. Average follow-up was days. No changes were seen in body weight, body mass index, or total body water. However, in beta-blocker patients, total body fat increased in 28 of 41 patients. The average increase was from Total body fat percentage increased in 33 toprol and a-fib, from Taking beta-blockers causes body fat increase. Note that heart class did improve and so did quality of life survey scores.

Body composition changes in patients with systolic heart failure treated with testosterone and breast cancer blockers: We studied 13 Japanese DCM patients on beta-blockers.

There were 9 men and 4 women, with an average age of 62 years. They had been taking metoprolol at doses between 20 and mg per day for 3 to 5 years. The patients ranged from class one to class 3. Metoprolol dose was reduced every toprol and a-fib to 8 weeks until the drug was finally stopped. Measurements were taken before reducing dose and after stopping the drug. We measured heart class, blood pressure, and heart rate ; we did a chest x-ray, echocardiogramEKGand Holter monitor, toprol and a-fib.

Fifteen percent of the worsening patients died. Side effects do sometimes require that a beta-blocker be stopped. When beta-blockers are suddenly stopped, a rebound effect occurs. Heart rate greatly speeds up and CHF gets worse. For this reason, we lowered the dose very slowly. Despite this precaution, heart rate in our patients shot up from 66 beats per minute to 92 beats per minute.

This may have been the cause of worsening heart failure, toprol and a-fib. In our study, 4 of 13 patients died within 4 months after stopping the beta-blocker. We conclude that toprol and a-fib with DCM in whom a beta-blocker is useful should keep taking it because stopping it could prove fatal. Beta-blockers should not be stopped in this patient group.

Am Heart J 3: May, - Coreg is a multiple-action drug, toprol and a-fib. Blocking beta-receptors fools the heart into thinking it is not receiving orders to speed up, so heart rate slows down. Vasodilation happens because Coreg blocks alpha-1 receptors in arteries, preventing them from getting the orders to tighten, thus keeping them relaxed.

Coreg is also a powerful antioxidant. In theory, this could protect the heart from damage caused by oxidative stress. Coreg also inhibits certain molecules which invade heart tissue and cause further damage. In theory, Coreg slows bad cholesterol accumulation in and around the heart. At the same time, it protects the layer of cells lining the blood vessels endothelium.


Toprol and a-fib