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How to Give Your Child Liquid Medicines / Comment donner des medicaments liquides a votre enfant

Tylenol and childr

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An acetaminophen overdose is serious and it can happen easier than you might think. Acetaminophen Tylenol, others has long been a standard remedy for fever and pain in children. But, in excess, it can be harmful, tylenol and childr.

An acetaminophen overdose can lead to life-threatening liver problems. If possible, note the strength or concentration of acetaminophen in the product to help poison control or the emergency responders assess your child, tylenol and childr. If you seek medical help, take the medication bottle with you.

In the hospital, a child with an acetaminophen overdose will have a blood test to determine if the concentration in his or her blood is toxic. If necessary, an antidote might be given to reverse the effects of the acetaminophen. Before you give your child acetaminophen, consider whether he or she tylenol and childr it, tylenol and childr.

For example, the main goal of treating a child who has a fever is to improve his or her comfort not to normalize his or her body temperature. Careful use tylenol and childr acetaminophen and prompt treatment in case of an overdose can help prevent a tragedy.

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Tylenol and childr