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Does this works for Diabetes? Thank you for providing such an informative salads and dressing lesson plans Will Jamun coction affect kidney if taken for long time? Is it okay to try any one of the remedy if one is Gestational Diabetes? And which one will be the best to try? Thanks still found the info really useful.

My mother has been diagnosed with diabetes about 10 days back. She is under insulin since then. Today she had soaked fenugreek seeds and 1 cup of bitter gourd juice. She had severe stomach upset. Neem juice works well Am a diabetic using raw vegetables daily, and soaked fenugreek early morning very effective.

I have half pancreas remove due to the cyst damaged it, now I m using metformin but with karela juice it helps and my sugar came dow from vitamin education and fifth grade to 7. I was searching for natural home remedies - this article sure helped. Mix 2tb spoon vinegar with glass of water, type 2 diabetes and natural cure.

I was at an average of on my blood sugar. I tried this natural remedies for 2 weeks and im now on on regular day basis thank non bipolar lithium causing anger this helped me a lot I totally recommend type 2 diabetes and natural cure The given information is good I have a quation how can we prevent diadatics that is the home remides?

My Mother is suffering from type 1 diabetes since last 20yrs. Apple Cider Vinegar lowers Blood Sugar. Dont let the vinegar touch your teeth. Has anyone tried the first suggestion with the fenugreek seeds? Does that method really cure diabetes type 1 or is it just saying that? Mr obama has told not to trust home remidies but an english medicines have side effect the info given here is tooooo gud non afrdbl pepl can defntly try this thank u sooooooooooo much.

Take about gms. Cut two full ripe tomatoes in small pieces and add to the curds, with black pepper powder and salt as per taste. Keep aside provera and tanning beds 10 minutes and have the same for breakfast.

Dont use Refined Oils for preparation of foods. Use only filtered oils. Whenever you feel hungry in beteen meals take this mix of curds and tomatoes.

Besides your morning exercise take a brisk walk of 30 minutes before dinner. Your sugar levels however high will drop to type 2 diabetes and natural cure within weeks. This is the best natural remedy which has given me relief from diabetes. Can anyone tell me how I can lower my bloodsugar quickly, type 2 diabetes and natural cure, as if it goes from to over How can I lower it quickly and safe?

I have one kidney, and TYPE 2 diabetes. I am having constent tingling in my feet and hands, numbness, pain. Any suggestions on what to do? I also have type 2 diabetes and on one kidney. First tingling in hands and feet is when sugars are high and causes neuropathy. I drank apple cider vinegar and it brings down blood sugars rapidly as mine were high, however, is not suitable for all and I have had to stop at least fro awhile as making my pee to sharp and stinging.

I am now trying cinnamon sticks with hot water, sticks can be used with teabags or coffee but is pleasant enough to drink alone. Am happy with it so far but early days yet. I refuse to take orthodox meds as I believe the make you worse in the end.

Everyone is diffeent and just have to try what is best for oneself. Thanks i found this site. I have hope now. My husband is with high blood and Type 1 diabetic, he is using 2 types of injection everyday for 14 yrs. But still his blood sugar is always I am so worried now. He is only We cant stop his injection now but I want to try some of the natural remedies now.

What is best to try now. I read ur research i am totally fovour of ur research but i tell u homeopathic treatment is very sucessful for the help of curing debetic. I hope this information will help me in my JETS project. I will let you know on how it goes: Type 2 diabetes and natural cure advances and research in management of Diabetes with traditionally used natural therapies have resulted in development of products from that facilitate production and proper utilization of insulin in the body.

These preparations Biogetica are natural and work in conjugation with conventional therapies as supportive treatment protocols, they are absolutely safe and the patients are never at risk of developing hypoglycemic attacks due to the therapies. I have a pure African herbal remedy that has used for years to cure diabetes in Western Africa.

I brought back some free sample. Also brought back a remedy that has comfirmed to cure chronic back pain. Daily for one month, juice and drink the following: Take in an empty stomach.

After the 1 month, you can reduce salt and hair loss dogs alternate days. It worked for me. You can try it and let us know how you fare. I had tried the supermarket varity for two months and noticed very little change in my blood sugar levels. After trying Ceylon cinammon in just two days my sugar readings had dropped approx 30 points. Will try it for a month and report back. It is great to read these columns of Diabetes.

I have tried feenugreek but it raises my blood pressure. Since, I am a patient of High Blood pressure, this does not help me, type 2 diabetes and natural cure. I am 65, control my diet, type 2 diabetes and natural cure, walk daily for km too and take my medication regularly but still blood sugar is out of control.

Fasting is usually Any suggestions from friends. Thanks and Cheers for all. Hello, Thank you so much for this vital information on treatment of diabetes, very helpful. Recently i been diagnosed with diabetes. CAUTION If you have any medical problems like blood pressure joint pain, asthama, stomach surgery or any other medical history or problem then consult a doctor and yoga expert because then these asanas can worsen your condition.

My husband could come off insulin only with this remedy. Neem tea is great for treating diabetes, but i type 2 diabetes and natural cure warn you that the taste is horrible. Changing diet of a small kid is so diffult. Besides bitter gourd what r the best solutions for a type 1. I am hoping for the best. A few years ago I met a young man that has had a family history of Diabetes.

He was told that a natural food called Yellow Dock Tea can be used type 2 diabetes and natural cure eliminate the illness. It worked for him. I got the product off of the internet Quit sticking your finger tips! Instead, stick the side of your finger, lots less or no pain.

Your nerves are in the tips of your fingers. I eat cinnamon every day and now my blood sugar is under control, but now I also have piles because of the cinnamon. Is it true that cinnamon can cause piles? I have type 2 diabetes and blurred eyesite vision where i see double as of signs on the road at night. Can anyone tell me what to take as a natural remedy for eyesite vision. Thank u soo much. Please give any home remedies which is control both problems.

Thanks in advance for your help. Thank you for having a very helful,


Type 2 diabetes and natural cure