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Uterine disorders and allergies

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Stinging nettle might have an effect like a water pill or "diuretic. This could increase how much lithium is in the body and result in serious side effects. Talk with your healthcare provider before using this product if you are taking lithium.

Your lithium dose might need to be changed. Stinging nettle above ground parts might decrease blood sugar. Diabetes medications are also used to lower blood sugar.

Taking stinging nettle along with diabetes medications might cause your blood sugar to go too low. Monitor your blood sugar closely. The dose of your diabetes medication might need to be changed. Stinging nettle above ground parts seem to decrease blood pressure. Taking stinging nettle along with medications for high blood pressure might cause your blood pressure to go too low.

Large amounts of stinging nettle above ground parts might cause sleepiness and drowsiness. Medications that cause sleepiness are called sedatives. Taking stinging nettle along with sedative medications might cause too much sleepiness. Stinging nettle above ground parts contain large amounts of vitamin K. Vitamin K uterine disorders and allergies used by the body to help blood clot. Warfarin Coumadin is used to slow blood clotting.

By helping the blood clot, stinging nettle might decrease the effectiveness of warfarin Coumadin. Be sure to have your blood checked regularly. The dose of your uterine disorders and allergies Coumadin might need to be changed. At this time, there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for stinging nettle.

Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

People uterine disorders and allergies the root and above ground parts as medicine. Stinging nettle root is used for urination problems related to an enlarged prostate benign prostatic hyperplasia [BPH]. These problems include nighttime urination, too frequent urinationpainful urinationinability to urinate, and irritable bladder. Stinging nettle root is also used for joint ailments, as a diuretic, and as an astringent. The above-ground parts are also used for allergieshayfever, and osteoarthritis.

Some people use the above ground parts of stinging nettle for internal bleedingincluding uterine bleeding, nosebleedsuterine disorders and allergies bowel bleeding. Stinging nettle above ground parts are applied to the skin for muscle aches and pains, oily scalp, oily hairand hair loss alopecia.

In foods, young stinging nettle uterine disorders and allergies are eaten as a cooked vegetable. In manufacturing, stinging nettle extract is used as an ingredient in hair and skin products. Stinging nettle leaf has a long history of use. It was used primarily as a diuretic and laxative in ancient Greek times. How does it work? Stinging nettle contains ingredients that might decrease inflammation and increase urine output.

Possibly Effective for Osteoarthritis. There is evidence that taking stinging nettle by mouth or applying it to the skin might reduce pain in people with osteoarthritis. Research suggests that using stinging nettle might reduce the need for pain medications. Insufficient Evidence for Hay fever, uterine disorders and allergies. Early evidence suggests that using stinging nettle at the first signs of hay fever symptoms seems to help provide relief.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH. Uterine disorders and allergies is contradictory evidence about the effectiveness of stinging nettle, taken alone or together with other ingredients, uterine disorders and allergies, for improving symptoms of BPH. Early evidence suggests that taking mg of stinging nettle for months improves urinary tract symptoms associated with BPH.

Many studies have looked at the effects of a combination product that contains both stinging nettle and saw palmetto. This combination seems to be comparable to the prescription medication finasteride for relieving symptoms of BPH, and may be better tolerated. However, it is not known if this benefit is due to stinging nettle, saw palmetto, or both ingredients. Some early research suggests that applying a specific product Ankaferd blood stopper containing alpinia, licorice, thyme, stinging nettle, and common grape vine to the skin reduces bleeding in surgery, but does not reduce time in surgery.

Other early research suggests the same product reduces bleeding after dental surgery. Early research suggests that taking stinging nettle daily for 8 weeks does not affect the control of blood sugar levels in people with diabetes who are taking antidiabetes drugs. Early research suggests that using a mouthwash containing stinging nettle, juniper, and yarrow twice daily for 3 months does not reduce plaque or bleeding in people with gingivitis. More evidence is needed to rate stinging nettle for these uses.

However, it might cause stomach complaints and sweating. Touching the stinging nettle plant can cause skin irritation. It might stimulate uterine uterine disorders and allergies and cause a miscarriage. There is some evidence stinging nettle above ground parts can decrease blood sugar levels. It might increase the chance of low blood sugar in people being treated for diabetes.

Monitor your blood sugar carefully if you have diabetes and use stinging nettle. Stinging nettle above ground parts might lower blood pressure.

In theory, stinging nettle might increase the risk of blood pressure dropping too low in people prone to low blood pressure. If you have low blood pressure, uterine disorders and allergies, discuss stinging nettle with your healthcare provider before starting it, uterine disorders and allergies. The above ground parts of stinging nettle seem to increase urine flow. If you have kidney problems, uterine disorders and allergies, discuss stinging nettle with your healthcare provider before starting it.

Moderate Interaction Be cautious with this combination. The mannose-specific plant lectins from Cymbidium hybrid and Epipactis helleborine and the N-acetylglucosamine n-specific plant lectin from Urtica dioica are potent and selective inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus and cytomegalovirus replication in vitro, uterine disorders and allergies. Antiviral Res ;18 2: Anales de Bromatologia ;35 1: Analysis of the results obtained with a new phytotherapeutic association for LUTS versus control.

Evaluation of hemostatic effects of Ankaferd as an alternative medicine. Uterine disorders and allergies E and Morazzoni P.

Serenoa repens associated uterine disorders and allergies Urtica dioica ProstaMEV and curcumin and quercitin FlogMEV extracts are able to improve the efficacy of prulifloxacin in bacterial prostatitis patients: Is Phytalgic R a goldmine for osteoarthritis patients or is there something fishy about this nutraceutical? A summary of findings and risk-of-bias assessment. Evidence for antirheumatic effectiveness of Herba Urticae dioicae in acute arthritis: A comprehensive review on the stinging nettle effect and efficacy profiles, uterine disorders and allergies.

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Uterine disorders and allergies