Boost Your Libido With Vitamin B

2. Folic Acid/Folate Makes Healthy Swimmers And More.

Vitamin b complex and libido

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser, vitamin b complex and libido. Your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium and maintain healthy bones. Vitamin D is also unique among vitamins because it functions as both a vitamin and a hormone, and because your skin produces it in response to sunlight exposure.

Getting plenty of vitamin D can reduce your risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and more. As testosterone is the most important hormone that influences the sex drivethese findings suggest that higher vitamin D levels are correlated with a higher libido. Another study found that just one hour of sunshine can increase male testosterone levels by 70 percent. Vitamin D and sex drive are also connected through depression: Being exposed to bright light during the day helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, helping you sleep better at night.

Additionally, sunlight lowers the levels of melatonin in your body. High melatonin levels have been linked to decreased testosterone.

Sunlight exposure also increases levels of serotonin, an important hormone for viagra and milwaukee public schools a happy mood and a healthy sex drive. Finally, sun exposure can work to increase libido in women by way of a hormone called "melanocyte stimulating hormone," which is produced during sun exposure and has a direct effect on female libido.

Recognizing the link between vitamin D and sex drive can serve as an advantage in your life. Or, some people prefer to take a vitamin supplement to increase levels of vitamin D.

Spending a little more time in the sun can very quickly increase your vitamin D levels. By getting plenty of vitamin D through diet and sunlight, you vitamin b complex and libido quickly improve your libido while also reducing your risk for depression and various medical conditions.

Other steps you can take to boost libido naturally are eating a balanced diet, vitamin b complex and libido, managing your weight, sleeping well and exercising regularly.

Any of these natural options vitamin b complex and libido work together to effectively boost your libido while improving your overall health. What You Need to Know. A Message from Dr. You may also be interested in


Vitamin b complex and libido