Ayurvedic treatment for Schizophrenia

Vitamin b3 and schizophenia

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In Ayurveda Schizophrenia is known as Unmada. This is a chronic mental disorder characterized by hallucination and delusion. Psychic stress and strain are primarily responsible for this disease which is again vitamin b3 and schizophenia by irregular food intake and constipation. In this disease the patients usually unable to sleep, talks and acts incoherently and often becomes violent.

Jatamansivachaand sarpagandha in vitamin b3 and schizophenia form are given to the patient in the dose of one teaspoonful three times a day with milk or cold water. This helps in bringing the tranquility of mind, vitamin b3 and schizophenia. Vatakulantaka Rasa is one Ayurvedic Medicine usually prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctors to treat schizophrenia.

One tablet can be given to the patient with honey three times a day, vitamin b3 and schizophenia. Dhara treatment one of the best treatment that can be given to schizophrenia patient. In this Kshirabala Taila is kept in an adjusted vessel over the forehead of the patient in such a way that drops of medicated oil fall from the bottom of the vessel on to the place between the two eyebrows of the patient.

This is advised to be done once daily. This helps patient sleep well and get rid of this disease slowly. All kind of fried foods are prohibited. Pungent and hard to digest food are the enemy in this condition. Milk, ghee, butter etc should be given in sufficiently. As this is a mental disease it is advisable to the patient to do prayer and attend religious rites.

Meditation is one of the best natural therapy to get rid of this disease quickly. No medicine help relieve mental disease permanently. Some herb may help temporiry relief. Allopothy medicine may lead mental disease to dangerous level. My sister is suffering from schizophrenia since last 10 years.

Consulted with lots of doctor but nothing is helping. Do you have any solution for it plz let me know. Me and my family is really in need of some wine and cholesterol medicine. I was a patient of schizophrenia since 12yrs. Consulted allopathic doctor vitamin b3 and schizophenia Delhi Dr. Shrivastav in Max Balaji Hospital Patpadganj area. I was cured in a month after taking medicines which he pricribed me.

Now since 3 yrs I am alright and continuing medicines. Vitamin b3 and schizophenia there r side effects of allopathic medicine lke increasing body weight and cholesterol. Please provide me the complete address. Could you please tell me what medicine he prescribed you? I have been suffering from Schizophrenia for last 5 years. I consulted an allopathic doctor and he consulted following medicines.

Risnia Plus twice a day after meals Sulpitac OD 10 mg twice a day after meals Lozapine twice a day after meals. After taking the medicines for last 2 stress response and diabetes, I got cured but if I stop to take the medicine, I again get the symptoms.

So, in allopathic medicine, the patient need to continue taking the medication for a very very long time. Will you please send me the name of medicine? I will be very thankful to you to send ne as early as possible.

I have seen message in internet. My son is suffering from schizophenia since 16 year I want to talk with you sir your telephone number for details. Sir my brother got affected with schizophrenia since 10 years and he continues with allopathic medicines but no effect. Sir could you pls refer the above said medicine that you cured the patient.

Hello my son is 32 years he is suffering from hearing voice 10 years he took lots of medicine he is not getting well is there any ayurved medicine please help me thanks. Orthomolecular medicine might help. Good luck with prayers. Give her more happiness and fresh fruit and vegetable without any nicotin and tea.

And also extract of leaf may calm little. Hi, Please consult a doctor in ayurveddoctor. Try to send messages to multiple doctors to get quicker help. You can select a doctor here http: Hi, my mother is suffering from the same problem schizophrenia from last 04 years ,it takes long time to get the right diagnosis. Now she is under treatment and very much vitamin b3 and schizophenia. I have come to learn that most mental illness and disease are caused by having an overload of parasites living in the body.

I would strongly suggest a strong and long parasite cleanse and body cleanse. The easiest yet most challenging way to deal with parasites are long term fasting, vitamin b3 and schizophenia.

There is only 1 solution. Never go even near allopathy. First assess whether they really have Schizophrenia…. They are best to suggest solutions for their problems but sometimes in depression they will think that there is no vitamin b3 and schizophenia. Sometimes they start talking to themselves…. They will start eating normally once when the cause of depression is removed. I am myself a biologist so I very well know about the nature of these chemical compounds.

Hi, sirI agree completely with your analysis, my son year-old explains me the same as you said, vitamin b3 and schizophenia, unfortunately we took him to allopathy doctor and started medication for pschezophrenia, now he left the medicine. Sir, I need to have a talk with you, please give me your contact no. My close relative is going through this and we are clueless how to proceed. We all be thankful if you send me your email or contact. Dear, Thanks for your long mail but please let people know where to go…agreed that Allopathy doesnt have cure but what is the alternate??

Can you suggest any? It is heart wrenching to see so many people looking for some credible remedies outside of Allopathy, vitamin b3 and schizophenia. My father is also suffering from this deases.

But from last one year I am giving him ayurvedic treatment like panchkarma and other herbs, vitamin b3 and schizophenia. It is really helpful. Schizophrenia is also nothing vitamin b3 and schizophenia a nutritional deficiency just like all the other chronic ailments which plague us. Our body is a powerful machine and knows how to protect and take care of itself in the best possible manner.

The reason ailments happen is because of generations of inadequate diets that might not be rich in certain vitamins and minerals which are essential to provide our cells vitamin b3 and schizophenia nutrition they require to stave off illnesses etc, vitamin b3 and schizophenia.

There is a whole body of medicine called orthomolecular medicine which deals with nutrition in solving for ailments. The father of this sort of medicine is Linus Pauling who also happens to be two time Nobel Laureate.

It is the big pharma companies which have kept this information vitamin b3 and schizophenia us for so long. They have successfully treated a lot of these patients with Vitamin B3 called Niacin in high doses of around mg. Hope this helps all of you. I urge you to research as well on this and find out about this yourself.

My daughter aged 31 is prescribed Tab. Risdon LS now. Previously, she was advised to take Tab. She is having Schizophrenia since last 10 years, vitamin b3 and schizophenia. Is medication is justified for so long period? Is medication justified for so long period?

My son aged 14 years suffering from Schizophrenia since last 1 year. Not interested in playing games. Says he see devil images, hear sound and cry. Now taking alopathy treatment from a reputed doctor. Medicine preferred are 1. He is gaining weight rapidly. If you got some good result pleas inform me because my daughter Having some problem you can under stand sir plz call me. These symptoms are not of the Schizophrenia.

May this will help you soon. My mother has a severe Sizophrenia disease. Please directly contact one of the doctors available in ayurveddoctor.


Vitamin b3 and schizophenia