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Vitamin b6 deficency and headaches

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Iron-Out-of-Balance is any condition where iron levels are not in an ideal range. People can have too much iron or too little iron.

In this blog we invite people to talk about their experiences with too much or too little iron. Iron avidity is one topic in particular is intriguing. Many people do not understand the term iron avidity, which simply means that your body is "avid for iron"; put another way, your body is wanting iron.

The reason your body wants iron is because it is either iron deficient or some gene mutation is doing what it is programmed to do: In the latter, people with hemochromatosis are highly vulnerable to being iron avid, mostly because many are overbled from too many phlebotomies. You can read more about iron avidity and the diet to correct it in the Iron Library-Resources area of our website.

No HTML is allowed. Off-topic or inappropriate comments will be edited or deleted. Posted on Fri, February 19, by Cheryl Garrison. I am a 24 female vitamin b6 deficency and headaches South Africa. My body does not absorb any iron at all.

And when I eat to much food that vitamin b6 deficency and headaches iron rich I often feel very weak and incedibly tired. Taking motrin and asprin am not anemic in the sense that i can take iron supplements.

The more iron I try to absorb the worse I feel. I have been like this my whole life. But would like to learn more about this and even if there is an actual name for what I have. If any one can help please do.

Mon, March 15, 3: Kathleen, I have no medical knowledge, but my Mother had a similar issue for many years. They now have a dissolvable tablet available instead of injections.

Maybe this will help you: Sat, vitamin b6 deficency and headaches, March 20, 1: Are they likely to deny me or throw my blood away? It seems that most literature and information say to go to FDA approved centers. I have a mild case H63D mutation with ferratin level of target is Sun, March 28, 1: Many hemochromatosis patients donate blood at ARC centers.

Hemochromatosis is a metabolic disorder. So long as you have no other eligibility issues your blood can be used for transfusion. Mon, April 5, 9: Thu, April 8, 9: Hello, I am 43 woman, i have been telling the doctor i am feeling tired all the time.

You need vitamin B12 and folic acid in order to increase red blood cell count in addition to iron. You need an alternative dosage form such as a sublingual dissolving lozenge or a topical patch if you take acid blocking medications or antacids or metformin.

Tue, April 13, I have HH, and was overbled a year or so ago. Ferritin was down vitamin b6 deficency and headaches 7. My Ferritin finally came up enough, and I now try to keep it between seems to work best for me. It is now at 66 and i sure do feel it with knuckles hurting and am very tired, so i will schedule my phel. Any suggestions or help would be great. The doctor that i see for this does not seem to be very knowlegable of HH either, which does not help.

Thanks, JT Mon, April 19, 6: I was diagnosed in November with HH, genetic, homozygous for the C? I am having phelobotomy treatment once a week right now. I am constantly tired, ache all over in all my joints and now my muscles seem to be very weak.

I also am having heart palpatations daily. They first told me I had rheumatoid arthritis, now blame it on the iron. Also, my hair is falling out by the handfull every day. Any suggestions would be great! Tue, April 20, 4: Thu, April 22, 6: Blood donations were not a problem until they learned I travelled extensively, vitamin b6 deficency and headaches.

Result is a wait of one year before donation allowed for some areas of the world. I need to donate 3 to 4 times a year so need to find an alternative option. Tue, May 4, 1: Am doing phlebotomy once a week with my primary physician. Is anyone else that high or doing anything different with those sort of numbers? Tue, May 4, 4: A young friend of mine has been exposed to arsenic, cadmium chromium and other metals on her property in a mining town in Tasmania.

She has been diagnosed with nerve damage and hemochromitosis. She has had DNA vitamin b6 deficency and headaches and it is not genetic. Can anyone tell me another possible cause? Mon, May 10, 5: My daughter is 5 years old, vitamin b6 deficency and headaches. When she was 3 she was anemic and had to take iron supplements. I only gave them shortly and decided to change her diet. I stopped letting her have caffiene and got her to eat a little more red meat.

When she went back her iron was normal. I took her for her 5 year physical and they ordered blood tests since she is always tired and is needing her tonsils out. She also has GIRD. Tamsulosin and finasteride combination drug iron level was atwhich they said normal was up to I was expecting the opposite, I thought she would come back anemic.

I have no idea where the iron has come from. What could she possibly have?? Tue, May 11, 5: Had frequent phlebs at first then got levels down to what doc said they need to be, vitamin b6 deficency and headaches. Now am a little apprehensive to phleb. But always cold, tired, weak, hair loss! Thought it was my thyroid and read more on HH to find out hypothryoid is one of the symptoms.

Mom has a friend in Virginia who goes to the red cross if I remember right for her phleb basically if they will take it there, why not here? Trying to eat right for HH and also no wheat intolerance and dairy. Not sure docs know what they are doing with this!! Any thoughts welcome, just needed to vent.

Thu, May 20, 2: Any knowledge on how B vitamins affect iron loading? Fri, May 21, 8: I am 48 and have HH. After 1 yr of phlebotomy every week I am finally down to a ferritin level of I started at over I am working with a specialist.

I missed 2 pleb before surgery on my hip but otherwise have gone every week. Any ideas why my numbers are going in the wrong direction?

I am lost, pissed and scared, vitamin b6 deficency and headaches. Sat, May 22, vitamin b6 deficency and headaches, 4: The only difference was I had been eating alot of oranges and have heard that Vitamin C enhances the absorbtion of iron soooooo I have stopped eating the oranges and vitamin b6 deficency and headaches see at the end of May if my count goes down instead of up. Roni do you have other members of your family with HH?

My Dad had it and three out of four of his daughters have it.


Vitamin b6 deficency and headaches