The Role of Vitamin D Deficiency in Thyroid Disorders

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This article is part of a special report on Thyroid Disorders. This will be my last post until the end of August. My wife and I are going up to the Sierras to hike and soak in the hot springs for a few days before the big acupuncture licensing exam next Tuesday. The day after that we head to southern Mexico to surf and relax on the beach for a couple of weeks.

Have a great August! Vitamin D is all the rage. It seems like every day another article is published in medical journals or the mainstream press about the dangers of vitamin D deficiency, and the benefits of supplementation. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with numerous autoimmune diseases in the scientific literature.

Vitamin D plays an important role in balancing the Th1 cell-mediated and Th2 humoral arms of the immune system, vitamin d and calcium suppliments. It does this by influencing T-regulatory Th3 cellswhich govern the expression and differentiation of Th1 and Th2 cells. Vitamin D deficiency is also specifically associated with autoimmune thyroid disease AITDand has been shown to benefit autoimmune-mediated thyroid dysfunction.

Vitamin D has another little-known role. It regulates insulin secretion and sensitivity and balances blood sugar, vitamin d and calcium suppliments. This recent paper showed that vitamin D deficiency is associated with insulin resistance.

And as we saw in a previous articleinsulin resistance and dysglyemcia adversely affect thyroid physiology in several ways. Research over the past two decades has identified a slavery and emancipation lesson plan of mechanisms that reduce the absorption, production and biologic activity of vitamin D in the body.

If only it were that simple. We now know that certain people with normal serum levels of vitamin D still suffer from deficiency symptoms. How is this possible? In order for circulating vitamin D to perform its functions, it must first activate vitamin d and calcium suppliments vitamin D receptor VDR.

The problem is that many people with autoimmune disease have a genetic polymorphism that affects the expression and activation of the VDR and thus reduces the biologic activity of vitamin D. Well, vitamin d and calcium suppliments, this is where we venture into murky territory. The question of how high vitamin D levels should be is very difficult to answer in the case of someone with autoimmune thyroid disease.

Some researchers notably Dr. For starters, the other authors of the study Dr. Cannell, vitamin d and calcium suppliments, bone density starts to decrease. They only show a relationship between two variables. But the relationship of vitamin D to calcium levels also provides a plausible mechanism by which high 25 OH D levels could increase the risk of heart disease. I wish it were easier to answer this question, vitamin d and calcium suppliments.

I think about it a lot for my own patients. They often have GI disorders, inflammation, stress, excess weight, VDR polymorphisms and other factors that impair their production, absorption and utilization of vitamin D.

If their symptoms improve at this level, I will then switch them to a maintenance dose while watching for clinical signs of vitamin D toxicity. These include kidney stones also a sign of vitamin K2 deficiencylow appetite, nausea, vomiting, thirst, excessive urination, weakness and nervousness.

I will also monitor serum calcium levels, because elevated calcium in the blood is a sign of vitamin D toxicity and a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease especially in the presence of vitamin K2 deficiency. I will also make sure these patients are getting adequate amounts of vitamin K2 and vitamin A in their diets.

Sources of vitamin A include organ meats, cod liver oil and full-fat milk and cream from grass-fed cows. Sources of vitamin K2 include fermented foods like natto, hard cheeses and kefir as well as egg yolks and butter from grass-fed cows.

In time we can hope that the explosion of research being conducted on vitamin D will lead to more clarity on the question of appropriate serum 25 OH D levels for people with autoimmune diseases. For now, we have to make our best guess based on clinical results and anecdotal reports. This website contains affiliate links, which means Chris may receive a percentage of any vitamin d and calcium suppliments or service you purchase using the links in the articles or zyban and suicide. Thanks for your support!

My tests have hovered between 20 — 30 and according to Kaiser the recommended is 30 — which seem like a huge range. I have read to shoot for the 80 range.

Teeth become very sensitive that it hurts to brush my teeth, fatigue easily. I live in CA where we have plenty of sun but I do wear sunblock and usually try to stay covered up. Maybe I need to increase my 50, a week dosage? Is it because they removed my thyroid? My Endo says no its not related. Hello fellow thyroid sufferers, My experience with thyroid has been i have no thyroid gland for nearly 30 years. Partial thyroidectomy then auto immune destroyed remainder My experience with endocrinologists has been dreadful, waste of time.

I have suffered chronic fatigue for nearly 30 years, but at long long last, i have remedied it. Firstly vit d3, more by accident. Simple, multiply ng by 2. Maybe causing excess calcium in blood. One aspect of vit d supplements, we should take vit K2, to prevent excess calcium going into blood, not good, you want it in your bones. The chronic fatigue, and i suspect balance of hormones, unbalanced i suspect when thyroid excess or deficiency, i take DHEA, Swanson Ultra, mgs x 10 daily.

Yes a high dose, but it works, also increases metabolism and lost about 20 pounds. I also add Swanson Ultra Pregnenolone, 50mgs x2, all 1st vitamin d and calcium suppliments in morning, good to balance ant excess eostogen, good for men and women i believe,brilliant, i now play football and no longer have massive fatigue. Lots pro and against such a regime, i also cured, yes cured Colitis of 6 years standing, by adding L Tryptophan powder.

When the so called medical experts screw up like this, i took the responsibility for myself, and it works, all natural, no drugs, it may be a gamble, but so is very poor health, which i no longer have. I call it, suck it ans see! They say Green is life, vitamin d and calcium suppliments.

I have tested that theory. I was diagnos with graves disease, in other words thyroid disease, at age If you know of anyone else please let me know. Interesting info on vitamin D and thyroid. I have been taking levothyroxine ever since i was 22 and I am 34 now.

When I took My vitamin b supplement, vitamin d and levothroxine together, I had bad constipation and headache. So I called up my pharmacist and she told me never to take any medicine together especially when you have any kind of complication.

I also googled and found out this site that talks about it, http: Now Today I feel much better. I had a tsh and vit d drawn my tsh was. Im just wondering what is going on with my body, vitamin d and calcium suppliments. Candace, if you ever find out please let me know. I am vitamin d and calcium suppliments constantly and my general practitioner just says lose weight, lose weight……I would exercise and did exercise just too tired to move now.

Something to think about-if you are constantly drop dead tired, you might have a CMV virus like I did which acts like mono, vitamin d and calcium suppliments. Check your iodine levels and supplement if low. Also, I took lysine, mg twice a day for the viral issue. Just curious if you have had your other thyroid levels checked? This is first time this Endo has ordered a Vit D level. I have had a parathyroidectomy one gland back in and around is since I have had this extreme tiredness and fatigue.

In March my calcium level was slightly elevated but was back to normal thus last visit in July. I feel as if I am viewed as lazy due to my obesity and that is so not the case, vitamin d and calcium suppliments. I know the feeling. I had the same thing!! It is awful when they blame your weight. I had a baby and had gained 60 pounds. Little did I know my thyroid had completely crashed!

I could not lose the weight for anything and was absolutely exhausted ie could barely drag myself up the stairs. Awful I thought I was dying. You know when something is wrong with your body! But had extremely low but in range t4 and t3, vitamin d and calcium suppliments. I take 5 grains of vitamin d and calcium suppliments a day now and Vitamin d in winter. We are being kept sick by unknowledgable doctors including endocrinologists that think we are lazy…I have now lost 40 pounds since taking vitamin d and calcium suppliments. I hope you can begin to feel better.

I did have a referral to an NHS endocrinologist but he has refused to see mr unless I take levothyroxine first. Look forward to hearing from you. Hi Jeanette Thyroid UK can provide you with a list. I think it vitamin d and calcium suppliments good you are exploring that route first.


Vitamin d and calcium suppliments