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Vitamin d and eyes

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We take them for granted and often do things to them that are really not beneficial. Things like wearing contact lenses excessively, staring at computer screens for too long, not blinking enough, wearing makeup and not properly removing it, vitamin d and eyes, spending time in dry environments, not wearing sunglasses, and so on, can all do tremendous damage to our eyes and vitamin d and eyes tears.

All of these can lead to a condition known as dry eye syndromeor DES. It is now also believed that vitamin d and eyes may be a link between DES and vitamin D. When we tanning and skin cancer recent studies of tears, we usually think of the things that pour out of our eyes when we experience strong emotions.

While these certainly are tears, they only pour out of our eyes because we produce so many of them in vitamin d and eyes to certain feelings that the ducts can no longer cope with them, and they literally overflow. But tears happen all the time and are actually renewed every time we blink. It is responsible for keeping the eyes lubricated, nourished and protected from foreign invaders.

The three layers are:. People who have dry eye have a dysfunction in any or all of those layers. It is also possible that they simply produce insufficient tears, although this is also usually linked to a dysfunction in one of the three layers. People who suffer from DES often look for natural remedies to help them alleviate the symptoms, which include redness, itchiness, dryness, and the sensation that there is a foreign body in the eye.

Vitamin D may play a vitamin d and eyes in alleviating the symptoms. Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. Our body produces it naturally when it is exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. However, we now know that the vitamin is responsible for many other things as well, and almost every cell in the body including the cells of the eyes has a vitamin Vitamin d and eyes receptor, vitamin d and eyes. Vitamin D is also responsible for the maintenance of the immune system.

As such, it helps us to fight viruses and bacteria. The official statement, at present, is that vitamin D does not play a role in fighting DES. This is because DES is not caused by a virus, bacteria or deficiency in calcium or phosphorous.

However, vitamin d and eyes, it is also known that many people with autoimmune disorders will suffer from dry eye syndrome, vitamin d and eyes, which would suggest that there is actually a possible link between a vitamin D deficiency and Taking synthroid and thyromine together. While, as just stated, the official position is that there is no link between vitamin D and DES, new research has now officially questioned this.

The International Journal of Rheumatic Disease published a study that suggested that impaired tear function can exist as a result of a vitamin D deficiency. Just under premenopausal women took part, 50 of whom had a vitamin D deficiency, and 48 who did not.

As a result, the researchers stated that there may be a role to play for vitamin D in the development of dry eye. The study above is the first vitamin d and eyes its kind, which means that no other scientists have looked at the link between vitamin D and DES. However, many other studies have looked at the link between vitamin D and the overall health of the eye.

Most people consider vitamin A and beta-carotene to be vital in the health of the eye, but vitamin D now appears to be even more crucial. After just six weeks, the following improvements were noted:. What this suggests is that it may have a role to play in slowing down the progression of a condition known as age-related macular degeneration AMD. AMD is the leading cause of loss of vision in elderly people.

While it only affects central vision, this may become so impaired that people are classed as legally blind. As such, there may be a suggestion that, by slowing down the progression of AMD, people are also less likely to suffer from DES. Another interesting part of this, is that, unlike the Turkish study, this one is not unique in its kind. Other research has revealed similar results, vitamin d and eyes.

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Vitamin d and eyes