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Vitamin D supplementation in autoimmune disease

Vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease

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They can all mimic the signs and symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency. However, the condition is far more common than most healthcare practitioners and the general public realize. Data from a Tufts University study suggests that 40 percent of people between the ages of 26 and 83 have plasma B12 levels in the low normal range—a range at which many experience neurological symptoms.

That said, this type of deficiency has been estimated to affect vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease 40 percent of people over 60 years of age. B12 deficiency is significantly underdiagnosed for two reasons, vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease. Second, the low end of the laboratory reference range is too low.

This is why most studies underestimate true levels of deficiency. Find out what this vitamin does and learn how to treat a deficiency. Those levels are associated with psychological and behavioral symptoms, such as:. Vitamin B12 works together with folate in the synthesis of DNA and red blood cells. You can think of the brain and the nervous system as a big tangle of wires. Myelin is the insulation that protects those wires and helps them to conduct messages.

Severe B12 deficiency in conditions like pernicious anemia an autoimmune condition vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease the body destroys intrinsic factor, a protein necessary for the absorption of the vitamin used to be fatal until scientists figured out death could be prevented by feeding patients raw liver, which contains high amounts of B But anemia is the final stage of a deficiency. Long before anemia sets in, deficient patients will experience several other problems, including fatigue, lethargy, weakness, memory loss, and neurological and psychiatric problems, vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease.

B12 deficiency occurs in four stages, beginning with declining blood levels of the vitamin stage Iprogressing to low cellular concentrations of the vitamin stage IIan increased blood level of homocysteine and a decreased rate of DNA synthesis stage IIIand finally, macrocytic anemia stage IV. The signs can look like the symptoms of several other serious disorders, and the neurological effects of low B12 can be especially troubling.

Children can also show symptoms, including developmental issues and learning disabilities, if their B12 levels are too low.

The absorption of B12 is complex and involves several steps—any of which can go wrong, vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease. Any of the following can cause B12 malabsorption:.

This explains why a deficiency vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease occur even in people eating large amounts of Bcontaining animal products. In fact, many of my patients that are B12 deficient are following a Paleo diet where they eat meat two or three times daily. You cannot get B12 from plant-based sources. This vitamin is only found in animal products. Cobalamin is produced in the gut of animals. However, plant foods said to contain B12 actually contain B12 analogs called cobamides that block the intake of and increase the need for true B The effects of B12 deficiency on kids are especially alarming.

Studies have shown that kids raised until age six on a vegan diet are still B12 deficient even years after they start eating at least some animal products. Researchers found that formerly vegan children scored lower than their omnivorous counterparts vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease each area.

Defects in any of these areas could have long-term consequences for kids. I also know that, like all parents, vegetarians and vegans want the best for their children. This is especially important for vegetarian or vegan children or pregnant women, whose need for B12 is even greater. A B12 test can be performed by any laboratory, and it should be covered by insurance.

As always, adequate treatment depends on the underlying mechanism causing the problem. Some recent studies have suggested that high-dose oral or nasal administration may be as effective as injections for those with B12 malabsorption problems. Cyanocobalamin is the most frequently used form of B12 supplementation in the U.

But recent evidence suggests that hydroxocobalamin frequently used in Europe is superior to cyanocobalamin, and methylcobalamin may be superior to both—especially for neurological disease. Japanese studies indicate that methylcobalamin is vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease more effective in treating neurological symptoms and that it may be better absorbed because it bypasses vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease potential problems in the B12 absorption cycle.

Nourishing your body through whole food is the best way to get the vitamins and nutrients you need. Eating other kinds of seafood, like octopus, fish eggs, lobster, and crab, can also help you attain normal B12 levels.

If you suspect you have a deficiency, the first step is to get tested. You need an accurate baseline to work from. If you are B12 deficient, the next step is to identify the mechanism causing the deficiency. Once the mechanism is identified, the appropriate form injection, vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease, oral, sublingual, or nasal of supplementation, the dose, and the length of treatment can be selected.

Have you experienced any of the symptoms associated with low B12? How do you make sure you get enough of this vitamin to stay healthy? Tell me in the comments below, vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease.

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You might want to have your kidneys checked while you are at it. I could never find anything out about the low Gamma Glutamyl Transferase and all my doctors tells me is that low is better than high without providing any details.

So next time I had a cholesterol test I added it in as a extra private test. After the results came I made a visit to my naturopath who in fact teaches doctors how to read blood test the Homocysteine was over the limit at It was suggested next time I get a blood test to go for a vitamin B test, I wish now I had of gone back just to test B because 3 months later the Homocysteine had gone worse from My naturopath added it is the B12 deficiencies that makes the homocysteine to go up, then vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease in turn makes your cholesterol go up, and added high homocysteine does far more damage than high cholesterol.

I wish I could pass this information onto James LaValle as it is missing from his book and could be worthwhile added in to his next edition, if it turns out my naturopath is correct, the next cholesterol test is lookinggood.

Luba, what form was being injected? I read that the most common type used for injecting was cyanobalamin, the least vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease type to our bodies. Eleven years ago I found out I have a severe B12 defiency. My level was My level has been very good. My gait is still bad, short-term memory problems, weak very stiff muscles and more. I use a cane for short distances and a rollater for long distance.

It looks from your description like you may benefit from her diet, even if you are not diagnosed with any of autoimmune problems. Her diet increases energy levels providing all essential nutrients needed to produce more energy on a cellular level, vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease. Hi Kate Thanks for your reply. Seems very interesting material.

Thank you for sharing the post. Another reason for me not to go vegan. I think I will eat vegan once a week. B12 deficiency is not something we can cure with Vitamin B12 pills.

I went to the doctor for really bad signs of demetia or alzhiemers, muscle wasting, weakness,depression,hand and head tremors and back pain. They sent me to mental health and the did blood work. I was sent to a neurologist and she did tests and prescribed me B12 mcg. My level is She never told me I was B12 deficient or anything. I am also taking vitamin D3 once a week. I started my pills again and ordered the methyl type online. Thank God for articles like this.

I super depressed right now. They are starting neurological behavior testing. Also, it might be a good idea to read this http: Instead of doing this outside the box testing why not just supplement along with increasing meats i.

B12 rich foods if symptoms are present. The B12 lozenges are super cheap. Recently revised recommended daily levels are for 8, iu a day of D3. Take with preformed Vitamin A as well, to keep them in balance, or simply eat a lot of liver or other organ meats. I was found to be B12 deficient with many of the symptoms discussed on this form.

I was also found to be vitamin D deficient. Not sure if the 2 are some how related. I started taking over the counter b12 suplements and a lot of the symptoms got considerably better but not all. When I finally started taking vitamin D suplements, that is when the symptoms finally disapeared. Testing for Vitamin D is expensive and so a lot of doctors do not want to do it and in Canada some government plans do not cover the testing unless you have a defficiency.

Not that my doctor put me on per day which proved to not be enouogh and I am now on per day which is proving to be adequate in my case. The specialist sent me for the initial D testing it was covered if a specialist sent you but not if a GP sent you and now that I have been shown deficient, I am covered regardless of who sends me. Note — I was also taking magnesium and I am no longer taking Magnesium as my levels are fine — A lot of the food I eat is high in magnesium and that seems to be adequate to maintain my levels.

Long story short — last summer, I was having issues such as tingling arms and tingling legs, vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease, off balance and head pressure.


Vitamin d defficiency and autoimmune disease