Can a severe vitamin D deficiency cause your menstrual cycle to stop?

Vitamin D/ Depression/Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Can taking vitamin D affect your menstrual cycle

Vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle

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How totally cool is that? This immersion came at just the right time for me — talk about needing some sun, sea and sand! So I recently decided to do some blood work to check my hormone levels. I think it was more of an attempt on my part to confirm my suspicions rather than find out what was wrong.

One of vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle biggest shockers for me was my pitifully low Vitamin D levels. In fact, many alternative and naturopathic doctors consider this average range to be incorrect. They suggest an optimal range of instead, and recommend getting your levels to at least So, as you can imagine, I was immediately on a mission! I started to do some research and found some really interesting studies on how Vitamin D impacts our periods:.

And guys, you are affected too:. In men, vitamin Vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle is essential for the healthy development of sperm and it helps maintain semen quality and sperm count. Vitamin D also increases testosterone levels, vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle, which boosts libido.

I also learned that vitamin D is not really a fat-soluble vitamin but rather a pre-hormone. The reason for this is because vitamin D acts more like a hormone in the body — it is the only vitamin that the body can manufacture.

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Sorry for my pad english. Please could you help? I am 46 and have always been fit and healthy with absolutely regular menstrual cycles. Then inI had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my neck and began wearing sunscreen every day diligently. My periods remained almost completely regular then I moved to a less sunny area of UK near Scotland in Summer and continued wearing sunscreen every day.

In AprilI suddenly almost overnight began to feel depressed and had a period that lasted a month and then widely varying cycle lengths after that with light periods. I had no period for 3. As I have no peri-menopausal symptoms apart from my period problems, do you think vitamin d levels might be my problem? My doctors have done blood tests but found no cause for the problem.

I would be really happy if you could answer this! At 25 I was diagnosed with 4 BCC on my body. Had treatment for them and being closely monitored now. I stopped taking the pill around the same time and had a lot of personal stress. My periods became irratic, heavy, unbearably painful, I developed severe acne, extra hair growth, migraines and weight keeps falling off me. Traveling with asthma and allergies was told it was PCOS or stress and there was nothing they could do.

After countless blood tests for thyroid, vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle, diabtes and all sorts I saw a female doctor who recognised I was severally deficient in Vit Vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle. Which she said was down to my wearing factor 50!

Who knew vitamin d was important? It could be that your vitamin D is too low for your unique body. So you should be looking at your health in a holistic way to determine what is going on. Vitamin D is just one factor to consider. My Vit D level is Thankfully on a high dose of it now. My iron is also painfully low: I had a regular warfarin and side effects male until in may when I went for my annual physical and did some blood tests.

One of the tests came back saying that my vitamin d3 was really low it was at a 9 so I was told to pick my prescription at the pharmacy immediately. It was some capsules of vitamin d3 iu I was supposed to use one once a week. In may I got a period in June my period was late and I had stomach pains really bad along with terrible gas. When I woke up on Wednesday no blood I was so happy and I also had so much energy but it came back Wednesday evening along with the pain so I went online and did some research so I got a bottle of vitamin b5 from amazon.

I have been dealing with Menstrual issues fro 7 years. It comes Once in 90 days and bleeds very heavily and just cant function.

I have been tested for thyroid multiple times all these years and found it vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle be normal for year, vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle. After taking suppliments for 3 months for b12 and D, iam gettign my periods regulary. I have had extremely heavy periods my entire life until this past year where I have been only have a pink spot each month.

I am 47 so I thought I was going through menopause a little early for my genetics. But last month I got a period, somewhat heavy and then I just got my period again. I thought my period reappeared because my 13 year old daughter just had menarche and you know how two women living in the same house can affect each other…until I realized that since the warmer months are here I stopped taking my vitamin D.

The timing coincides perfectly with my getting my period again. I started right up on my Vitamin D last night. Could this be the reason I began menstruating again? I have to say, after being anemic my entire life due to heavy periods, it was wonderful to have that 6 month break with no real period. I am feeling so sick on my period, and have struggled with vitamin D levels for a few years now. I am now going to religiously vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle getting out in the sun and taking the supplements I have.

I am done skipping medications, supplements and exercise and eating the best foods I can. I am so thankful I read this. It really is a wake up call for me to just get to doing things I need to do and stop over thinking things. Ive, been on vit d3 since April 15 since I gyn told me to, vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle.

I was suppose to have my periods 2 days ago so was wondering of it had anything to do with taking the d3? Going to wait 2 more days otherwise will consult my dr. I am 22, always regular as a teenager. When I meet my husband 5 years ago I began birth control. When we finally decided it was time for kids I stopped my bc. I went to doctor after doctor they diagnosed me with pcos.

I saw a new doc and she tested me for vitamin d deficiency, vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle. D level was She started me on zantac and colic perscription strength supplement. I took my first dose and 2 days later my period returned after a year of being off bc.

That is amazing and it shows just how powerful the right food and supplementation can be. Thanks for sharing your story Sarah! Just paste the following link stages of change and diabetes education your browser: I also have a free Period Survival Guide for you here: I am 25 years old and i am facing problem in my periods.

Uses and importance of tetracycline periods are regular but i dont have flow. I have been working out regularly and keep a check on my diet,but still i am not able to loose and gaining weight. But when i got my vitamin d tested, it came as 4. Is this the reason of my eeight gain and less bleeding? I had stopped taking vitamin d around the time my period started. My period is now going on for two weeks.

Can me not taking the vitamin d have something to do with that? I just added an amazing course on the website that deals with Vitamin D in depth! You can check it out here: I am a 16 year old girl who, until recently, had not gotten her period. This concerned me, as I was experiencing all of the other signs of periods and developing normally.

I went to the doctor and saw that I had extremely low amounts of vitamin D, though my thyroid levels were normal. I started taking a 1, IU vitamin D supplement. After about a month, I got my period. I suggest going and getting your blood tested if you are having period irregularities, and vitamin D is a great help.


Vitamin d difficiency and menstrual cycle