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Vitamin e and tattoos

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My other concern was that the skin under the thin scab is really shiny and looks cracked. This is not my first tattoo and I always follow the aftercare religiously. I used Bepanthen for 5 days and just now I started with an unscented moisturizer.

So, being slightly concerned, I did some research and this is one of the suggestions I found:. Welcome to the wonderful phase in your tattoo called: When your tattoo is peeling, your skin underneath attempts in one last line of defense to protect itself with this shiny layer of skin.

Do not fret, however. Essentially, your skin will peel, vitamin e and tattoos, the silver will show through and make the tattoo appear VERY faded. What you can do to help get rid of this strange layer of skin, is to go to your local Walmart or Target, and get a bottle of Vitamin E gel capsules. Break open a capsule and rub it gently all over your tattoo.

I would do this about twice daily, vitamin e and tattoos. Give it about a week, and your tattoo will be much more vibrant. Just for the record, vitamin e and tattoos, the poster who says that his vitamin e and tattoos told him to wear saran wrap on his tattoo was very, very misinformed.

Wearing any sort of bandage over your tattoo can cause moisture build up, and can actually pull out the color. This is my sixth tattoo vitamin e and tattoos I never had anything like it happen to me before.

In the end, I will try and not panic as it may be something that can be corrected with some re-touching, which I was planning to get done anyhow, but is it safe to try this vitamin E oil on your 8 days old tat? Vitamin E is very good at aiding the skin to regenerate and can help some people.

It helps the cells beneath grow stronger and is essential part of our diet for healthy skin. That said there are some people are allergic to vitamin E creams and it can cause the skin to balloon up. It is quite rare but you may want to do a test area first. Silver skin does look awful when it happens but it will slough off and the tattoo is usually fine although it is vitamin e and tattoos uncommon to need a small touch up as you are aware.

Thank you for coming to the rescue once agian, Matthew. It was really helpful, at least I know my tattoo is not going to look like this forever! Vitamin E is excellent. Be cautious where you get your vitamin E from however, because you cannot purchase pure concentrated Vitamin E oil over the counter.

It is available in cocoa butters, and many other skin care sources. Our Color Enhancer has vitamin E among many other active ingredients that aid in skin regeneration, moisturizing, and of course color enhancement.

Skip to toolbar Log in Register. Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 of 4 total, vitamin e and tattoos. July 4, at So, being slightly concerned, I did some vitamin e and tattoos and this is one of the suggestions I found: Hi Nat Vitamin E is very good at aiding the skin to regenerate and can help some people. Take Care Matthew The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this.

The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any. August 7, vitamin e and tattoos You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

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Vitamin e and tattoos