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What Natural Allergy Remedies Work?

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Vitamins and allergies

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WebMD archives content after 2 years to ensure our readers can easily find the most timely content. To find the most current information, please enter your topic of interest into our search box. If you have allergiesthere are plenty of medications to choose from.

But you may not want to take vitamins and allergies that make you feel listless or wired. Can allergy supplements offer an alternative with fewer side effects? But there are some out there that can help. Leopold MD, director of Integrative Medical Education at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in San Diego, says some people are able to manage their allergies with natural allergy remedies alone, while others use them as a complement to drugs, vitamins and allergies.

Surveys show that almost half of all people with allergies try a natural allergy remedy. But you need to be careful. Depending on the type of allergy you have, some could actually trigger an allergic reaction. Like allergy medication, some vitamins and allergies can help by blocking the chemical reactions that result in allergy symptoms. Most natural allergy supplements come in capsules, tablets, or liquids, and are available in drugstores or health food stores. A few may be more difficult to find.

Otherwise, your best bet may be stores on the Internet. Some research shows that an extract of butterbur root Ze are just as effective at relieving nasal symptoms as antihistamines like Zyrtec and Allegra.

You should not eat raw, unprocessed butterbur root, which is dangerous. Look for brands of specialized butterbur supplements that are labeled UPA-free; a certain percentage or milligrams of the helpful compound petasin may also be mentioned.

Some experts doubt that enough quercetin is absorbed during digestion to have much of an effect. Be particularly wary of bitter orange also called Citrus aurantiumwhich is sometimes sold as a decongestant.

It has compounds similar to those in ephedra and, as a result, may have serious side effects. They include an increased risk of high blood pressureheart problems, and stroke. Pyridium and the liver about supplements for other types of allergiessuch as skin reactions or food allergies? On the whole, vitamins and allergies, the top allergy supplements seem to be reasonably safe, vitamins and allergies.

But check with a doctor before taking a supplement if you. Always follow the dosing advice of your doctor or pharmacist -- or at least the directions on vitamins and allergies label. The longer you take any supplement or drugvitamins and allergies, the greater the potential for toxicity and harm.

Many of the plants used for allergy treatment -- such as butterbur, echinacea, vitamins and allergies, and several others - are distant cousins to ragweed.

Start taking a natural allergy remedy a few weeks before ragweed season starts or before your visit to the aunt with six cats. That way, you can potentially prevent the allergic reaction from happening at all. There are a number of other methods zyban and suicide can try to treat or prevent allergies, some of which have very good evidence backing them up.

It also allowed them to take lower doses of their allergy drugs. Store at room temperature in a covered jar or bottle. Irrigate each nostril with approximately one-half cup of the solution, a few times daily for acute conditions or once daily for maintenance.

To enhance the effect, Rakel recommends adding a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil to the salt water. Rakel also recommends a homeopathic alternative to allergy shots. Regardless what are anti virals the approach, any allergy desensitization should be done under the supervision of a professional experienced in the method, such as a doctor who is an allergist or immunologist.

An earlier and smaller study in children prozac and welbutrin had positive results: Kids who were given acupuncture twice a week for eight weeks had fewer symptoms and more symptom-free days than those who received a sham treatment.

However, these are preliminary studies. Experts say that we need more research with better evidence before the effects of acupuncture on nasal allergies will be clear.

In recent years, experts have become much more aggressive in treating allergies. While the standard approach was once all about easing the symptoms of allergies, Rakel says things have changed. No one should have to limp through life with chronic allergy symptoms. Schedule an appointment with a doctor. Together you can come up with a treatment plan -- whether it relies on allergy supplements or other alternative remedies, prescription drugs or a combination -- that will finally give you some relief.

What Natural Allergy Remedies Work? Continued You should not eat raw, unprocessed butterbur root, which is dangerous. Found in wine and many fruits and vegetablesvitamins and allergies may work as a mast cell stabilizer. It helps block the release of histamine that causes inflammation.

Often used as an allergy treatmentthis botanical contains carotene, vitamin Kand quercetin. Be sure to choose extracts of stinging nettle Urtica dioica leaf, vitamins and allergies, not the root, which is used to treat prostate troubles. Some studies have found that bromelain is helpful in reducing nasal swelling and thinning mucus, making it easier for people to breathe.

It may be particularly useful when added to drug treatment for sinus infections. A few studies have found that a sublingual tablet made from pollen extracts from Phleum Phleum pratense can reduce some pollen allergy symptoms, such as eye vitamins and allergies, in people with asthmaas well as help decrease symptoms in people suffering from hay fever. It also allowed people to reduce the dose of their allergy medicine.

Again, the evidence is only preliminary and its long-term safety is unclear. Though it appeared safe during the 8-week research study, more research needs to be done. A number of natural allergy remedies contain a blend of botanicals. Leopold singles out Sinupret, vitamins and allergies, a combination of European elderflower, sorrel, cowslip, verbena, and gentian root.

Continued Be particularly wary of bitter orange also called Citrus aurantiumvitamins and allergies, which is sometimes sold as a decongestant. But check with a doctor before taking a supplement if you Have any medical conditions Use other daily medication Are pregnant or breastfeeding Are under 18 years old Always follow the dosing advice of your doctor or pharmacist -- or at least the directions on the label.

Continued Using Natural Allergy Remedies: Reducing the amount of allergens in vitamins and allergies home, especially your bedroom, can take a lot of work and vigilance. But the payoff can be tremendous. Wrap your mattress in plastic, vacuum regularly, and follow other suggestions for environmental control. Some use simple neti pots and others more elaborate devices.

Leopold recommends using a HEPA high-efficiency particulate air filter, which should trap some of the allergens circulating in your home. Get one for your vacuum cleaner, too. Without it, your vacuum will just shoot the tiny allergens back into the air -- and into your nose. Most allergy treatments are just ways of trying to tamp down the symptoms. But allergy shotsor immunotherapy, offer a permanent solution.

By injecting very small but increasing amounts of an allergen under the skin, you can gradually get your immune system used to it.

Eventually, even large amounts may not trigger symptoms. Many people vitamins and allergies suffer with allergic rhinitis are now turning to acupuncture for relief. The evidence on its effectiveness is mixed. While some studies have found no benefit, vitamins and allergies, others have been promising. For instance, a German study of more than 5, adults found that acupuncture seemed to reduce symptoms significantly compared to standard treatment.

Continued An earlier and smaller study in children also had positive results:


Vitamins and allergies