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W perry ballard and lung cancer

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Responded very quickly to my issue. Very nice and explained all things fully. Was this rating useful? Ballard is one of the kindest and professional drs I have met.

My cancer is managed well and he includes me on decisions and advises me when necessary. Sometimes I wait a few minutes for him but I know he will spend time with me as well. His office is kind and patients are treated with respect. We usually find something humorous at our every three week appointments.

He is helping me manage the unmanageable disease. I thank God for Dr. Ballard, his PAs, NPs, and medical assisstants often! Vitamin c and common cold is the worst doctor I have had knowledge of.

When she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, he knew what the odds were. After the hormone treatment she had pleural fluid which was drained via thoracentesis about every month 2 liters each time. At this point it should have been very obvious that cancer was in her lungs. Yet he said nothing about this, and put her on 6 months of taxol, even though that had almost zero chance of working. She continued to have the pleural fluid. After 6 months of taxol, she yoshidas teriyaki and diabetes extremely weak and not able to have additional chemo.

Up until approximately 2 weeks before her death he continued to say that the cancer was under control in the liver and bones, and the tumor markers were down. He even gave her an antibiotic for a possible lung infection. She ultimately suffocated cancer in lungs. Submitted April 20, What can be said when you already know that you are in the hands of "the best" oncologist???

Ballard is an extremely knowledgeable physician and administers care with extreme caution and intellectual ability. Ballard through a Dr. He introduced me to Dr, w perry ballard and lung cancer. Ballard and I venture to say I am most fortunate that I have been accepted as his patient. I have an aggressive form of cancer and, thus far, he has arrested the progression of my condition, w perry ballard and lung cancer.

He is positive and, ultimately, transfers this concept to his patients. I would consider him to be brilliant and, additionally, a very caring individual.

I travel far to be a patient of Dr. Ballard, however, worth the distance. I consider me to be in excellent and professional hands. He is gentle and understanding and has made my journey less intimidating. Wonderful Infusion Center with capable technicians.

Ballard has been my oncologist for the past eight years and he is truly the best doctor I have ever had. He successfully guided both me and my mother through our respective cancer diagnoses and treatments. He is the most caring physician and has a very calming and reassuring bedside w perry ballard and lung cancer. I have since moved out of state, but continue to return to Dr.

Ballard for all of my follow-up care. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone A very w perry ballard and lung cancer and ectremely pleasant physician.

Does not rush you and answers all of your questions. Very through in evaluation and in treatment plans. Not overly aggressive and wants you to participate in decisions.

I would highly recommend this physician as a highly skilled oncologist. Very caring, kind, never rushes patients, although this sometimes means you need to wait a bit longer than with other doctors, but he is well worth the wait. The staff is also very caring and takes an interest vitamin c and robert cathcart the health and well being of every patient.

What wonderful professionals to have on ones team when dealing with Caner!!! Caring and compassionate staff. I feel like I received the best care possible for a difficult condition. Perry Ballard You may also like. This banner shows a similar doctor. For information on how it can be removed visit RateMDs for Doctors.

I w perry ballard and lung cancer like I received the best care possible for a difficult condition, Was this rating useful? Rate this Doctor Dr. Immediate Medical Care - Atlanta. Piedmont Minor Emergency Clinic. You may also like Dr. Hamilton Williams 22 reviews. Grant Carlson 7 reviews. Perry Ballard 8 reviews. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest health news and tips.


W perry ballard and lung cancer