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Figures in Motion - Lesson Plan

Want and need lesson plans

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The students will cooperatively sort magazine pictures into Wants and Needs. They will glue the pictures onto the correctly labeled posterboard in an effort to develop an appreciation of the difference between the two. Learning Procedures to Precede Group Work: This lesson follows an introductory lesson on locales and their role within a community.

Students will have had an opportunity to work in groups with various roles. Group Composition and Size: There will be 4 students in each group, want and need lesson plans. Since students are just learning how to be active learners within a group, each table will be one group.

Groups could be changed without any problem. Each student will choose 3 pictures, want and need lesson plans. They must reach a consensus on which pictures go where. All group members must agree. Students must not interact during this portion of the assignment. The students will be told that the teacher will be listening and watching for encouraging words and behaviors from group members toward other team members. One student from each group will record these behaviors on a tally sheet want and need lesson plans they take place.

These responses will be checked against the class poster created prior to the lesson. Wants and Needs Objective: The students will differentiate between Wants and Needs by sorting pictures and attaching them to the appropriate poster. After reading and discussing the story, this lesson could end here and pick up the following day. Directions and Explanation of the Activity: I will be looking for groups who are working as a TEAM. If someone disagrees than you must all discuss it until you all agree.

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Want and need lesson plans