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Neuropsychobiology: Dopamine, GABA, Serotonin and Acetylcholine

Wellbutrin and neurotransmitters

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I have PTSD, depression and anxiety. I heard taking Prozac and Wellbutrin together can be more therapeutic together. Will taking Wellbutrin with Prozac possibly minimize the side effects I had just taking Wellbutrin?

Response would be that drug reactions varies from one individual to the other. My own point of view in answer would be yes, that in all likely hood, the combination will be more prone to having minimal negative side effects. I take Wellbutrin with my other antidepressant and have found them to be a great combo. Wellbutrin targets dopamine which the other antidepressants do not. Whether Prozac will eliminate side effects from the Wellbutrin I doubt.

Usually these side effects go away after being on the med for a few weeks. Hi LaurieShay I am wellbutrin and neurotransmitters Effexor. A little better wellbutrin and neurotransmitters not a quantum leap after several months upped it to mg xr and wow! What a difference The doc was right that hitting that second neurotransmitter norepi was important So was taking wellbutrin. Do not want to go up to mg xr of Effexor to affect dopamine just to high a dose!

The Wellbutrin improved my concentration ability and helped decrease the anxiety. Good to hear you wellbutrin and neurotransmitters making progress. Its a struggle sometimes, but worth the effort. Combining these medications may increase the risk of seizures, which may occur rarely with either medication, wellbutrin and neurotransmitters.

You may be more likely wellbutrin and neurotransmitters experience seizures with these medications if you are elderly, undergoing alcohol or drug withdrawal, have a history of seizures, or have a condition affecting the central nervous system such as a brain tumor or head trauma. Your doctor may be able to prescribe alternatives that do not interact, or you may need a dose adjustment or more frequent monitoring by your doctor to safely use both medications.

You should avoid or limit the use of alcohol during treatment. It is important to tell your doctor about all other medications you use, including vitamins and herbs. Do not stop using any medications without first talking to your doctor.

Prozac fluoxetine interacts with more than other drugs. Wellbutrin bupropion interacts with more than other drugs. Wellbutrin bupropion Using buPROPion with alcohol may increase the risk of uncommon side effects such as seizures, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, mood and behavioral changes, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and panic attacks, wellbutrin and neurotransmitters.

On the other hand, sudden withdrawal from alcohol following regular or chronic use can also increase your risk of seizures during treatment with buPROPion. If you are prone to frequent or excessive alcohol use, talk to your doctor before starting buPROPion. In general, you should avoid or limit the use of alcohol while being treated with buPROPion. Also avoid activities requiring mental alertness such as driving or operating hazardous machinery until you know how the medication affects you.

I will tell you this, it absolutely depends on the generic brand of welbutrin that you take! Please, wellbutrin and neurotransmitters, ask your pharmasist what brand you are onwellbutrin and neurotransmitters, and request different one before you give up.

I get my meds from the VA. Does that make a difference? Bupropion is Generic Wellbutin, wellbutrin and neurotransmitters. Then, I received a different brand generic and what a difference! So should I talk with my doctor about changing? Again, thanks for the support and advice. Ask you doctor as soon as you can there is no reason to have as many side effects with medications these days. I have been taking Wellbutrin for 6 years for anxiety and depression. The first 2 weeks were awful, I had to take Xanax to keep the anxiety from becoming too bad.

After 2 weeks of taking it I felt wonderful I wellbutrin and neurotransmitters happy, outgoing, I lost 25 lbs, it was great! I recently went to a new doctor and he gave me a script for the brand name wellbutrin and he also started me on prozac based on my current depression.

I have been on both for 2 weeks and I feel emotional, wellbutrin and neurotransmitters, forgetful, disorganized and lethargic. If anyone else has taken Wellbutrin for a while and added prozac, please share your experience. There are two phases of antidepressant medication - 1 The physical aspect metabolism, changing of enzyme concentrations that are responsible for clearing the drug out of the body 2 The mental aspect once blood levels begin to balance out, the brain is now able to make the necessary neurotransmission changes.

However, with the added DNRI Bupropionthe body is now forced to maintain homeostasis while combatting two substances, thus resulting in more pronounced temporary side effects, wellbutrin and neurotransmitters. The general guideline is that the more gradual the change, the less harsh the side effects. Thank you for your great answer and explanation! I am curious if, after years of taking Wellbutrin your brain has a hard time producing dopamine on its own when you stop taking it.

I have zero of the really positive effects that Wellbutrin brought me in the first year I started taking it, wellbutrin and neurotransmitters. I felt amazing and better than ever. Is it possible to stop wellbutrin and neurotransmitters it for 6 months to a year, then once again start taking it vitamin k and warfarin walnuts feel the benefits like the first time, or is it a one time deal?

Sad if it is. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I tried zolof and it was a nightmare. But it went away after a few weeks. I would snap so easy for little things. Sometimes i felt wellbutrin and neurotransmitters an animal in a cage. So my doctor added prozac, what a difference. I guess the combo of this two meds was good! This combo has worked great for me! Have been taking Wellbutrin for almost 3 years but feel Very anxious I too have taken Prozac for many years.

I loved the fact that on Wellbutrin I could get out of bed and start to enjoy tolerate life again. What are the dosages of the Prozac and Wellbutrin you are taking please?

I would like to talk to my doc about this. Healthwize62 I know this is an old post so I hope you get it! I started taking bupropion several months ago and just added Prozac 10mg. I take xl bupropion. Again would you mind letting me know how much Prozac you take? Still looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Sign In or Register, wellbutrin and neurotransmitters. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the Drugs. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.

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Taking Wellbutrin and Prozac? Asked 9 Oct by k13collins Updated 9 September 4 weeks ago Topics prozacwellbutrindepressionheadachepost traumatic stress disorderanxietygeneralized anxiety disorder Details:.

Added 12 Oct Respond to this Question Report Favorite. Comment Vote up Report. Other drugs that your selected drugs interact with Prozac fluoxetine interacts with more than other drugs. View all 8 comments Add your Comment. Very, Thank ann chamberlain cancer wall womens center for your great answer and explanation!

Has anyone had their vision topamax and pristiq upon starting on bupropion? View all 9 comments Add your Comment. View all 3 comments Add your Comment, wellbutrin and neurotransmitters. Add your Response Find similar questions. Been on prozac 20mg for 2weeks. I am falling asleep mid day.

Anyone else experience this? Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Does anyone have a sure fire way to stop zingers? Wellbutrin - Anyone experience severe headaches?

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Wellbutrin and neurotransmitters