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Why shouldnt give animals antibiotics

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Hey, you know how you can tell someone is a vegan? Vegans are one of the last remaining minorities that can be made fun of, marginalized and ridiculed publicly and have it be socially acceptable. Obviously vegans do not have it as bad as truly persecuted people like minorities, homosexuals and women, but the world is not vegan friendly.

Freud pioneered the concept of defense mechanisms, and I think they explain some of the irrational hate vegans receive. If you are vegan, you probably avoid mentioning your dietary habits at all costs. The truth always gets out, and when it does get ready for an onslaught of sensitive meat eaters. Oh, and bacon will be brought up, lest you forget that it is literally the greatest thing that a human can experience.

I have never met one in my life. Vegans are a minority, and people hate vegans. This leads many, myself included, to try to keep it mum mum as much as possible.

The V word stirs up a lot of emotion in people. People are fundamentally good, or they want to be. So, to do terrible things, people must be divorced from reality in some way. Defense mechanisms are the morning train to delusionville, why shouldnt give animals antibiotics.

Think about how awful an average factory farm is. Just think of how damaging factory farms are to the planet. See how easy that was. Now we can watch a vapid reality TV show and sleep easy at night. Let us break down a few defense mechanisms and how they are responsible for a lot of the vegan hate, ridicule and general opposition.

The basic definition of this defense mechanism is as follows: Anxiety producing emotions and thoughts are mastered by exaggerating the opposing tendency, why shouldnt give animals antibiotics. That they are harming sentient beings and distroying the planet. This gives them so much anxiety that their egos swoop in to protect their notion of self.

Well, the one they find acceptable. It does what it can to avoid the thoughts. It hides the anxiety producing truth and then exaggerates the opposite. Suddenly meat is the greatest fucking thing on earth. And people hate vegans….

It symbolizes the decadence, the gluttony, and selfishness. No really, it is. Those animals are also as smart as a three year old. Think of what bacon represents though, there is subconscious symbolism at work; Bacon represents the id. This is especially true when it means making a sacrifice or delaying instant gratification. We humans are essentially selfish cowards. We all hide, some just do it behind burnt pig flesh.

This is at the root of why some people hate vegans. There was a study that showed conservatives will avoid products that are good for the environment. Remember this defense mechanism the next time someone tells you that they wish they could wear a meat hat and eat it all day and move to a state where they can marry a bacon bride; as they laugh about how much they hate vegans.

This article nails it. Well written as to the facts of what happens when someone declares that they are vegan. I have experienced these same asshole comments from meat eaters. People hate it when they get called out on their terrible shit. Forces the same kind of self-reckoning the author of this article was talking about. You can hate vegans. I hate you,you hate me, why shouldnt give animals antibiotics, when will this cycle stop?

This article is basically saying that the only reason people are vegans is because of factory farming. Technically, most of the vegans I know became vegans for health reasons, which is really backwards to me as I can be eating a healthy meal albeit perhaps with lean meat, or some dairy and watch my vegan friends eat chips and a soda.

Not to mention they eat loads of soy and butter substitutes which are just as bad for you if eaten regularly. Perhaps confusion why shouldnt give animals antibiotics a better word is that veganism is such an extreme. I have read articles that liken it to an eating disorder.

What happened to good old fashioned vegetarianism? Or even, better yet, just eating whatever we want without putting a label on it? As Why shouldnt give animals antibiotics mentioned earlier, some vegans are not healthy because veganism is not about health, fat vegans do exist, why shouldnt give animals antibiotics. Yes, some people why shouldnt give animals antibiotics come with an eating disorder becoming vegan and obsessing with being perfect, but veganism is not an eating disorder in itself.

Eating, wearing and using animals or not is indeed a choice, but it is not a personal one, or you are forgetting someone. Preferring orange over blue is a personal choice, vitamins and skin elasticity to kill and use animals over not doing it is not, just like choosing to do anything that causes suffering to any sentient being is not a personal choice.

People who choose to eat a plant based diet solely for health reasons are not true Vegans. Its about compassion and making the connection that these things…living breathing, feeling, loving beings are on this planet to live out their lives not to end up on your plate. They do not belong to us to why shouldnt give animals antibiotics and profit.

This is why most Why shouldnt give animals antibiotics including myself can not stand the site of you corpse munching fucks. Remove the blinders and open your eyes…its almost as if you disconnect from the Matrix and see this world for what it really is along with all of its heinous crimes, why shouldnt give animals antibiotics.

The animal holocaust is real…and it happens every day before most of us even open our eyes. Have you ever looked why shouldnt give animals antibiotics the eyes of these animals?

They feel, they suffer, they love, they feel attachment and they feel fear. They are subjected to a life of torture and slaughter at the hands of the most dangerous beast out there….

You can be vegan for health reasons, for the health of the animals, for the health of the humans, for the health of the planet. I have to agree. Not a true vegan, not a true environmentalist, not a true LGBT ally, not a true Christian, not a true. That being said, there must be necessary and sufficient conditions for what constituency being a vegan. Exclusion of all animal products from diet is certainly necessary, though it is debated if it is sufficient, why shouldnt give animals antibiotics.

Being vegan is a personal choice for me …. Because it isnt a personal choice when it involves exploiting hurting or murdering a sentient being that does not want to be hurt exploited or murdered. We are not omnivores by nature and do not need to eat other animals in order to thrive or survive. We are not like lions or other animals who have ACTUAL canines and eat uncooked flesh with their bare claws and teeth. When you live in a world where it is not only possible, but easy, to live a completely healthy lifestyle why shouldnt give animals antibiotics recieve all the nutrients one needs without having to murder and animal that values its own life…then why not choose that?

Why not choose ethics and compassion over selfishness- especially when it involves death and suffering. So much flawed logic in this questioning…. I dont understand how you can ask these questions…because if you just spent a short amount of time researching the answers to these questions you would not feel the need to why shouldnt give animals antibiotics the questions out loud.

You would know without a shadow of doubt WHY vegans choose to be vegan. There would be no room for any confusion. Amd I hope you do just that. The world needs more compassionate caring people…and the animals espcially need it.

This is great, Meems…. I hope this is satire. Some people eat too much soy and butter substitutes. Yep, and some people feed their kids chicken nuggets until they drop dead at There are ignorant people across the board. What do you believe is more extreme? Or participating in the most massive pollution the earth has ever seen? Agricultural pollution of our waterways has destroyed the drinking water in some communities and some believe that it is the prime factor in changing the acidity of the ocean.

Let me repeat that…. Seems pretty extreme to me. Enjoy the next 40 years, why shouldnt give animals antibiotics. This control freakishness could just be why vegans are disliked. Animal agriculture is ruining the earth we live on. You want control freakishness? And by doing so, create a great environmental expense that your children will be paying off for decades, if they live that long. Unless something disastrous happens to you personally…like fracking in your back yard.

Even if all vegans cared little for animals, it is the why shouldnt give animals antibiotics interest of human beings to adopt veganism.


Why shouldnt give animals antibiotics