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Windex Multi Surface Disinfectant Cleaner, Lemon, 8 Spray Bottles

Windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner

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I stumbled upon this windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner as the result of a coupon. I like to try new products when I come across a good coupon. This is the only Windex spay I This is the only Windex spay I use now. I love the smell so much and that is very important to me.

I like the fact that the product is anitbacterial as well. It is a great over all cleaning product that can be used on a variety of surfaces not windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner windows and mirrors. I use this in the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and even when i clean my truck. For me that is a huge benefit because it saves time when I clean. Time is precious and having versatile cleaning products is key for me. Windex has been around a long time and to me is a tried and true company that I can place trust in.

I have always been a fan of Windex but now I actually have a favorite! I bought this cleaner in hopes that I could use it all over the house. For awhile it seemed to be doing an ok job. Not windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner worse than any of my other window Not any worse than any of my other windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner cleaners I had tried.

One day my sister accidentally wiped her mouth with a towel Windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner had used to clean the windows. Within a half hour her mouth and lips had gone numb and tingly. She ended up having to go to the doctor a few days later because she was still numb. I then accidentaly got a little mist on my face one day and my skin also went numb for a few hours. I decided to switch cleaners then.

I am amazed at how poorly this was actually cleaning. I am now using an organic baby cleaner and my windows, counters, etc look so much nicer and streak free. There must have been a film on our windows before from this cleaner. I am sad, I really liked Windex before. But we will not be using this again. See all my reviews. It is really difficult to pick a Windex product that I have not tried at least once.

Thanks to the small bottles which do not last more than a month, giving me a chance to try different products. It cleans, disinfects and leaves a streak free shine. It sanitize any surface in ten seconds and disinfects in five minutes.

I somehow do not like to clean knowing that there are still germs on the surface, but thanks to the products which comes with disinfectant properties. Also, this product is ammonia free product which makes it even better, I feel much more comfortable while cleaning when cleaners do not emit harmful and awful fumes. It is good for any surface that is touched and used windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner often. I recommend this product to anyone and especially to those with kids, windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Was this review helpful? This stuff is like magic cleaning spray. Now I keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen, windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner. It works great in both locations too. In the bathroom, I can clean the mirror and the sink while disinfecting the faucet and knobs. Then I can wipe down the shower, disinfect the tub and clean the glass door.

Best of all, I can do it all without switching products or rags and all without streaks! It cuts grease in the kitchen, so I can use it on the stove top and inside the microwave and not miss a beat before wiping down the glass oven door, the microwave door and even the windows.

Or at least it is until my greasy-fingered little kids get ahold of everything again! This is a cleaner everyone should at least try out. I have always been a windex for windows user, but when I used this at a friends house I had to buy it for myself. It is a great multi purpose cleaner that is also antibacterial. It really makes everything look and feel super clean.

I love going into a bathroom and spraying down everything, the just going over it with a paper towel. Super easy to be able to clean everything with one cleaner!

It smells really good too, a very clean scent but nothing overpowering or headache inducing like so many cleaners these days. I antibacterial toliet seats used it on windows, counters, sinks, floors, showers, pretty much everywhere!

The only place I am wary to try it out is on the granite in my kitchen. I have used windex for almost my whole life. I mean this product has so many versatile uses that it really pays for itself. I use it on the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and so on. I was very impressed with the multi surface cleaning power. I have been a long time user of Windex glass cleaner. Their glass cleaner for me is far superior to other brands. When I recently discovered that Windex manufactures a multi-surface antibacterial cleaner I was keen to try it.

So far I have been extremely pleased with the versatility of this cleaner. I have anti g anti fungal oil really impressed that this cleaner can be used all throughout my home and on many different surfaces. It cuts through grease and thoroughly windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner even tough stains. This Windex multi-surface cleaner even leaves my stove top gleaming which is usually notoriously hard to clean.

What really helps set this apart from other similar products is that it not only returns my counter top to a like new finish, it disinfects it also. There really is no substitute for having that piece of mind knowing that not only do my counter tops look shiny but they are germ free. Windex Antibacterial multi-surface cleaner puts you back in control in your house.

No mess is too big. No stain too tough. You no longer require three or four different products to clean your house when this one bottle will clean it all. This has been a worthy addition to my closet and why I rate it a full 5 stars. Same Windex quality with Antibacterial cleaning. I use this product not only on glass but to also wipe down door knobs and light switches during cold and flu season.

Performance No streaking and great cleaning power. It eliminates lugging around several bottles of cleaner when touching up rooms. Scent It smells lemony and nice. It leaves everything smelling fresh and clean. Performance It cleans many surfaces, as advertised, and does a pretty darn good job of it. First I use it everyday to clean my glass top stove. It cleans and disinfects. Plus I use it on all my mirrors and windows. Performance Disinfects and cleans!

I use it for my stove and windows! Windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner cleans extremely well in fact its the best product I have used in cleaning my entire kitchen surfaces, windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner, microwave splats to glass cooktop range and outside of my black appliances, windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner. I am extremely loyal to this product. Everyone has used Windex at some point in their lives. It has become the foremost name in glass cleaning and care and its blue liquid has cleaned and shined windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner of windows.

It can be used to clean appliances, countertops, tile, sinks, plastic, vinyl, etc. Its chemicals windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner Windex Multi- Surface Antibacterial Cleaner, windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner, like regular Windex, offers a good deal of convenience in the form of a trigger sprayer. All you do is spray and wipe, just like with most other household cleaning agents.

But what sets this product apart from others is, in addition to the bacteria killing properties, the powerful cleaning ability. Windex Multi- Surface Antibacterial Cleaner cuts through grease almost like magic and it breaks apart dirt, grime, and other household annoyances in seconds. Windex Multi- Surface Antibacterial Cleaner is quick and easy to use and, provided it is used in its intended manner, requires no scrubbing and little effort overall, windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner.

The chemicals inside this product take care of the dirty work for you. All that is necessary is to spray, wait for a handful of seconds, and wipe clean. Serious disinfecting may require leaving the liquid in place for a few minutes before wiping, but general cleaning is fast and simple. With the Windex name on the label, I had high expectations when I first used this product and Windex easily met them all.


Windex antibacterial multi surface cleaner