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Does anyone take Xalatan? She said one day out of the refrigerator would not harm the unopened Xalatan. When I got home I put it in my fridge. You must take your medications consistently every day.

Xalatan has been shown to work better when taken at night. Cosopt contains two medications: So ideally you should take your Cosopt when you get up and around dinnertime.

Take your Xalatan at bedtime. Now for you, "night" means when you sleep, xalatan and why before bed. However one xalatan and why before bed specialist said that Xalacom has timolol which does not controls night pressures and timolol should be adjusted for 2 times day and Xalatan in night. I have Silicone Oil in my eye after a 2nd operation to repair my Retina in August The Surgeon said the pressure in my eye was 23 when it should be I have been prescribed Xalatan eye drops to use at night to reduce the pressure.

My next appointment is in January It is a long time to go without having the pressure checked which is worrying me. Can anyone explain eye pressure to me please? What makes the pressure go up and down? On Iodipine, Cosopt and xalatan, xalatan and why before bed. I am reluctant to undergo the LPI for the associated risks mainly pressure spike, double vision and glare. My question is how long can I stay on medication before I have to undergo Laser Peripheral Iridotomy?

Thanks in a dvance. Get a second opinion from an ophthalmologist from another group. How long would you say it would take pressure in eye to increase from normal to I am on timoptol and xalatan at moment.

My pressure is now 14 in left eye and 21 in right eye. The retinal specialist had considered injections of steroids for the swelling, but xalatan and why before bed it may cause an exacerbation of the glaucoma, so is having me continue the Prednisolone and Nevanac until the bottles are empty.

However he thinks that i may have glaucoma although no damage to the nerve has ocurred. He prescribed xalatan to lower the pressures and put me on a regimen of 1 drop every night. My question is what is the change of this working to lower the pressures and will i face vision loss sometime in the future if i still to the regimen and attend all appointments.

My grandfather has glaucoma currently and has lost his vision What are the long term effects of using these eye drops? After that bit of history my question to the medical experts is, the night before the vision problem started I had taken an over the counter sleep aid, Doxylamine Succinate 25mg 1 Tablet could this with the other medication have contributed to my change of vision or is it purely coincidental? I will mention that field vision tests have been carried out and this shows that I only missed 1 light to the extreme lower left of my visual field and central vision is perfect.

Then it happened again six months later. Went to doctor and my IOP numbers were 28 so he put me on Xalatan. Vision field test showed I lost about half vision in my right eye. He attributed skin cancer and dermatology institute vision loss to glaucoma.

Also, to rule it out, I got tested for diabetes, and had nomal blood sugar levels She said my TSH was 7. She is confused as too why, and so am I, xalatan and why before bed. My vitamin D is also still low at Is this just mild hypothyroidism, due to not enough Thyroxine? Seeing specialist next week but in meantime optometrist is checking pressure and looking into me using the xalatan at night in good eye.

Any suggestions why pressure is high in good eye also when it is not being treated? Could the prednisolone be the cause by somehow being absorbed by the good eye. Do you think the prednisolone should be stopped? Diplopia and strabismus still bad - trying to get used to using glasses with a prism patch for some relief. You need to further educate yourself on glaucoma and xalatan and why before bed treatment, you have some misconceptions.

First K-spindles bellefont hospital annual cancer reports spindles are collections of pigment on the back of the cornea are a risk factor for "Pigmentary Glaucoma" not normal tension glaucoma. Second your pressure might be normal 20 mm of mercury or less by applanation tonometry but really higher than that if you have thin corneas which are also risks xalatan and why before bed getting glaucoma.

I tried Cosopt before start using Azorga, but IOP was still a little high 18 or 19 and it was difficult to adapt to Cosopt.

Cosopt made my eyes "burn" a little for 1 or 2 minutes, so my eys was "washing" Cosopt with my tears, and I have no control of my tears. If it does then you will need to try Trusopt, Azopt, timiolol, xalatan and why before bed, Xalatan or have a selective laser trabeculoplasty. A severe dry eyes coupled with Rosecea could cause these.

Be sure you are seeing a dermatologist and on a cream and oral tetracyclines. A dozen drops of Restasis is not even remotely close to being a trial. I snorted cocaine one night and felt xalatan and why before bed sharp pain in my left eye immediately and lasted a few hours. The next day i noticed my vision was not the same at all. So i scheduled an appointment with an eye doctor. I was checked out and they said everything looked normal if not better than normal.

I told them what had happened and they said it should clear out and that there might be some debris still in there. Waited a month and nothing changed. I was experiencing tingling feeling in face consultant said itwas a side effect of the injection given and to take only 1 of the tablet young boys and low blood pressure name?

However that afternoon at 4pm, her levels had radically improved and I was able to talk to her for a while, but she had lost much of her strength in her hands and was very cold, xalatan and why before bed. An evaluation has not been done yet with this xalatan and why before bed. The stoplights and car lights at night while driving use to be pretty rough, but even though my pupil has remained dilated, the glare is totally gone.

Another one of my doctors said that he has seen patients with mydriasis improve after years, so wonders never cease! Why is xalatan taken at night. When will xalatan become generic. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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