Nexavar May Treat Advanced Breast Cancer

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Xeloda and nexavar

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My husband was diagnosed with primary liver cancer April He has lost 45 pounds but, eats very well, even with chemo which the doctor have taken off, no real response to it.

His surgeon told us that he needs a liver transplant because the tumor is to big. No cancer has shown up any where eles. We are now waiting to hear from Henry Ford Hospital for a consultation to see if he is a canidate for the transplant and to get on the list. His oncologist is starting him on Nexavar and I am very concerned about the side effects.

Have anyone had a positive reaction overall. I have primary liver cancer called angiosarcoma of the liver. It will be 5 years in January I have been taking chemo, all different kinds for the last almost 4 years, xeloda and nexavar, as a hit and miss situation.

He is my Saviour!!!! I give all the Praise and Glory to Him for my being here!!! I will pray for you and your husband and family. Tell your husband to keep on fighting and keep the faith. My hubby, xeloda and nexavar, stage IV colon cancer with liver mets, just underwent liver resection 2 mos ago, after 9 chemo treatments with avastin, xeloda and nexavar, xeloda and oxalplatinum, xeloda and nexavar. We were told inoperable reasons for hair loss and tiredness a very long time.

His treatment plan was very aggressive, and we were very fortunate that xeloda and nexavar side effects were minimal. Everyone thankfully does not experience the severe side effects that some of these drugs can cause. Keep that in mind when doing research. We are still facing some tough decisions. Good Luck and God Bless and keep us posted. I want to thank you both for your kind words and prayer for my husband.

My husband is now becoming reaquainted with god and I am very thankful for that. I will pray for your healing and comfort as well. Oh, we did hear form Henry Ford Hospital he have an appiontment on Wed to see if he qualify as a candiate for a transplant. I will keep you all posted. There xeloda and nexavar other factors besides the size of the tumor that will allow or not allow surgery.

Often if a tumor is very large surgery is not an option at all. If the remaining liver is not healthy complete liver failure can occur after surgery. My fil has advanced primary liver cancer. His tumor was quite large when it was found. Surgery was never an option. It gave him bad side effects and did not slow down the growth of his tumor.

It was xeloda and nexavar waste of time. His doctor did "misrepresent" the drug in the sense he said there are practically no side effects but there are. Dad lost his sense of taste. He suffered from severe blistering on his hands and feet. He experienced fatigue and upset stomach. He no longer takes it. Is is also extremely expensive. The major studies on nexavar did not show an increase in survival rates.

Xeloda and nexavar did give users xeloda and nexavar more life. But those folks had good liver function left. Advanced liver cancer has huge impacts on all sorts of bodily functions. Dad now has it in his lungs. That was from December 5th, to March 28th, He is following the numbers - mths.

I hope your husband has much more time than that. I hope if he is placed on the transplant list he will survive long enough for a transplant. I hope you know the odds are not in favor of that. There are too many in need and not enough donors. As seems to be the case with most transplant situations. I believe in God and I believe God is always in charge - not the doctors. I hope good things for you and your husband - I know I have said too much already but since I xeloda and nexavar I will continue and say one thing more.

I would take the nexavar only if I were a candidate for a transplant. I would look into radiofrequency ablation if I had a chance at transplant. It is a procedure used to slow down growth and in your case might give your husband enough time to have a transplant. It is inserted into the tumor and heated. The heat "melts" the tumor cells. Now this is xeloda and nexavar simple gist. It has side effects and possible complications. It also has restrictions as to who qualifies for it.

I think out of all the research I have done in the last 3 months this kind of treatment is the most promising. It allows precise killing of tumor cells and leaves healthy cells alone. The doctor who "invented" this procedure works in Cleveland. Good luck to you and yours. Hello, my husband was diagnosed with metasticized primary liver cancer in January A large tumor was found on his left hip, xeloda and nexavar when biopsied was found to be liver cancer. He has had Hepatitis C for about 20 years, so therefore he is not a candidate for liver transplant.

I would like to know if wheat allergy and diabetes has had any luck taking this drug, because from what I understand through many hours of research, this drug is not very successful in the treatment of Primary liver cancer.

It might add another couple of months to his life. My husband has been on the drug for sorting and classifying lesson plans 6 or 7 weeks now with very few side effects other than diarrhea and extreme tiredness. He went today for a CT scan to check the progression of the cancer and we will get the results next week.

If someone could please give me some information on the prognosis after Nexavar, xeloda and nexavar, and also tell me how long he can remain on Nexavar if it is working at all. I am 39 years old. I am Asian and was placed on Nexavar seven weeks starting in early August.

I have advanced HCC. The Nexavar gave me blistering in my hands and feet. I also had severe abdominal pain and fatigue.

When I first used it, it gave me a low grade fever. I stuck with it hoping it could help me. From what I have been told, it will only stop growth with very little chance of shrinkage. However, xeloda and nexavar, I was hoping it would work for me xeloda and nexavar I heard it was more effective in Asians. I had my AFP monitored throughout the process but it only increased with each blood work.

My zestril and dextromethorphan told me to stop using the drug after my last CT scan. I am now searching for other alternative agents, xeloda and nexavar. I heard of Sutent and Avastin, xeloda and nexavar.

I need to do some research and discuss with my physician at UW Madison. If you heard of others, please share. I am still fighting this horrible disease, xeloda and nexavar. Much time has passes since you first posted your message, but I hope that he is still fighting this aggressive disease.

My father was just diagnosed with primary liver cancer and we have an appointment scheduled at Sloan Kettering for a second opinion regarding treatment options. Would you be able to tell me the name of the doctor you and your husband use d so I can avoid him? My wife was diagnosed with primary stage 4 liver cancer in May Surgery was not a option as tumor also found zocor and calcium pancreas.

She has been taking Nexavar since Jun. Only side effects rash, and hair loss. The rash went away when the dose was decreased to 3 pills per day. The Nexavar seems to be working.


Xeloda and nexavar