Candida And Weight Gain


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Yeast and weight loss

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One of the things that can mysteriously and frustratingly prevent us from losing weight is a systemic yeast problem. Most people think of yeast as being vaginal, but everyone has yeast. You could have never had an apparent yeast infection in your life and still have yeast overgrowth.

We have a very delicate balance in our gut between friendly flora and yeast. Yeast colonies can rapidly multiply and overtake our friendly flora in response to diet, hormones, or environmental factors. You may also note that in times of stress you are more prone to having a flare-up.

Regardless of what causes it, a yeast overgrowth can create digestive disturbances like bloating, gas, and constipation, headache, sinus problems, brain fog, depression, and fatigue. Even worse yeast, left unchecked, can cause disorders like leaky gut and disrupt your immune system, yeast and weight loss. Candida can also set off volatile emotional issues, yeast and weight loss. You know all those symptoms usually associated with PMS, like feeling irrational, severe mood swings, and anger?

When yeast organisms take over your intestinal flora, they produce acidic toxins, which slow down weight loss and affect your immune system. If you are having a yeast flare-up while testing, it will affect your data. To make matters worse? The more yeast you yeast and weight loss, the more foods you may be reactive to! If you are doing The Plan to identify your inflammatory foods, I want you to have as accurate data as possible.

The best way to counteract a yeast overgrowth is through a course of high-quality probiotics and removing any foods that cause a reactive response inflammation. Probiotics are living organisms that are similar to the beneficial bacteria in your stomach that help restore the correct balance in your system.

You can use the brands recommended on The Plan website www. I find most people respond to probiotic treatment within a few days. If you are are female and believe that yeast is systemic in your system, you may also want to try a vaginal suppository. I have found that many women do wonderfully with Yeast Gard which you can find in many drugstores or online.

A 7 day protocol in conjunction with an oral probiotic is wonderful! You can research which strains work best for what ails you. Please do avoid probiotics with the following: FOS is used as an sweetener and it has a sugar level of somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of sugar syrups.

It could also serve as food for less desirable strains of bacteria. Xylitol can cause nausea, yeast and weight loss, gas, bloating and diarrhea and or constipation. Upcoming Events There are no upcoming events.

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Yeast and weight loss