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If you are on ANY prescription drugs, or even over-the-counter drugs, such as aspirin, zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment, you should check with your pharmacist or wellbutrin and fibromyalgia to see if there is a conflict with any natural foods or natural supplements.

A conflict can occur when warfarin and aspirin substance interferes with another substance or when one substance enhances the effectiveness of another. For example, enhancing a prescription drug or over-the-counter drug can be just as dangerous as blocking their actions. It is impossible for a small website such as this one to keep track of all possible conflicts.

This is especially important for drugs that are being used as heart medications, such as hypertension drugs or blood thinners. For example, there is one combination of orthodox drugs and alternative medicines that can be fatal: Alternative cancer treatments are far more interested in killing cancer cells, or reverting them to normal cells, than in shrinking tumors.

If you kill all of the cancer cells in a tumor then the tumor is not dangerous to your health. However, if a tumor is pressing on another organ, is blocking the flow of fluids, zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment a cause of extreme pain, is in a dangerous location, etc. Some alternative treatments do shrink tumors, but none of them do it immediately.

If you want more information about tumors, see: Article on Shrinking Tumors. For those women who are pregnant, who may be pregnant or annual garden plan may become pregnant, it is important to read this article: Article Regarding Pregnancy and Cancer. For those on a very limited budget, also see this article on inexpensive cancer treatments: Encourage a strong Cancer Diet.

A normal diet that contains foods that feed the cancer and contains foods that interfere with the cancer treatments and contains foods that do not contribute to the treatment plan can nullify your treatment plan. Considerable time must be spent with the cancer patient zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment to build up their mental attitude.

Encourage the cancer patient get out of the house at least once every two days, zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment, when possible. Ramp up the cancer patient to do at least minutes of exercise a dayeven if it is lifting a 1 kilogram weight up and down. Make water readily available to the cancer patient. Drink as much distilled or natural water as the patient can reasonably drink, up to a gallon or more a day.

Cancer can be compared to a house fire. It is the spreading of the cancer that kills cancer patients. Likewise, it is the spreading of a fire that destroys buildings. There are exceptions, of course. For example, pancreatic cancer can kill a person even if it does not spread.

But in general it is the spreading of cancer that kills cancer patients. More will be said about rating cancers in a moment. For now, it is sufficient to understand that this website will rate cancers based on their danger, not on how orthodox medicine rates them. For example, zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment, many people are so afraid of cancer that they can never be convinced their cancer may be fairly easy to cure.

No matter how this website rates their cancer they will likely end up using Cellect-Budwig or some other treatment which was designed for advanced cancer patients. There is certainly nothing wrong with doing this, and it may end up being the right decision, but they also might end up spending more money than they need to.

Many of them have had extensive orthodox treatments, etc. At first there may be little attention paid zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment anything else because the patient is in a survival mode. It is the damage to non-cancerous cells which kills advanced cancer patients. Virtually every alternative cancer treatment involves about a dozen different key items. However, at the core of any alternative treatment is the treatment or treatments that are most depended on.

They are the treatments that, by themselves, are doing most of the work treating the cancer. These are very potent treatments that are capable of giving a Stage IV cancer patient a fighting chance of curing their cancer, zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment.

These are typically treatments that have been around for several years. Zocor and muscle weakness may contain other items, but it is centered and focused on the very potent items, such as Cellect-Budwig. One of the key things it is important to learn in treating cancer is that using 10 treatments that can treat Stage III anti cancer organic diet, but are not strong enough to be at the core of a Stage IV treatment, will have a very low cure rate for Stage IV cancer.

It requires at least one fire hose i. A critical part of knowing whether your alternative cancer treatments are strong enough to zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment the battle against cancer is to measure your progress, zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment.

As soon as possible after starting your cancer treatment, you zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment to determine exactly how much cancer there zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment in your body. Likewise, from zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment to time during your treatment you must know what progress has been made in reducing the amount of cancer in your body. Fortunately, there is an easy way to evaluate how much cancer there is in your body. The test was designed by the late Dr.

Navarro of the Philippines and is now administered by his son. It is a urine test which returns to you a number, generally between 30 and Some people will want to evaluate their progress every 8 weeks, others every 12 weeks, and so on.

Stage III alternative cancer treatments generally do not show results within the first 8 weeks, but if the number goes up, that may be a sign you are not using a strong enough treatment and you may need to switch to a Stage IV treatment.

Here is information about how to determine how much cancer you have in your body: In addition to these criteria, a person who is very weak from their cancer treatment or their cancer needs to eat meat and other normally forbidden foods. Any brain cancer patient on ANY cancer treatment, whether orthodox or alternative, needs to carry with them at all times anti-seizure medication.

They also need to be with a person at all times who knows how to use the anti-seizure medication. The reason is that virtually ALL cancer treatments, whether orthodox or alternative, kill cancer cells and in the process of doing this will create an inflammation in the brain Note: This inflammation is one of several things that can cause brain swelling and seizures.

If you are dealing with swelling or pressure of any kind in your brain, immediately deal with an oncologist or surgeon. Let them vitamin d and alzheimers decisions about relieving the swelling or pressure.

Do NOT depend on alternative cancer treatments to work fast enough to deal with swelling or pressure inside the skull. Regardless of whether you are a Stage III or below brain cancer patient, or a Stage IV patient, you might want to look at the special article on brain cancer to help you fine tune your options: Young diet in wood and wire rabbit hutch plans book Sick and Tired? There are some exceptions to his diet because his diet is very generic, but the exceptions are noted in the article and the reasons for the exceptions are noted as well.

Here is the cancer diet: It does this by controlling the pH of the foods that are consumed this is a naive explanation, zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment, but it gets a key point across.

The inner terrain he talks about is necessary for cancer to develop. You can read about how cancer develops in this article: The Theory of Cancer. A bad inner terrain allows yeast, fungus, mould, bacteria, etc.

By including his diet as part of a cancer treatment we are treating the cause of cancer. Why is this important? Suppose you are fighting a house fire and someone starts pouring gasoline onto the burning house. This gasoline will greatly hinder the attempt to put out the fire.

Likewise, many foods, such as sugar, FEED cancer cells, and provide them a perfect inner terrain to thrive. If the cancer diet on this website is too restrictive for your tastes, then buy the book by Bill Henderson and use his cancer diet it is a very good book, by the way: Most alternative cancer treatments do not treat the cause of cancer, zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment, they treat the symptoms of cancer, meaning they only treat the cancer cells.

Only the Rife Machine dealt with the real cause of cancer. This treatment will not only deal with treating the cancer cells, but it will also deal with treating the cause of cancer. With most zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment cancer treatments, when you have finished the treatment, you have not zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment the cause, thus you are ripe for a recurrence of cancer.

Young cancer diet, and obviously the one on zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment website as well, forbid most fruits and some vegetables the vegetables that contain high levels of glucose are actually allowed in moderation. However, there are some super-fruits that are superb cancer treatments.

What shall we do with them? By definition, a person with Stage III cancer has at least a year to live. This gives us a window of opportunity to use a couple of sequential steps in treating their cancer. The first month of the treatment can be used to accomplish two things. This is a huge transition for most people. But only for the first month. The second reason for taking these items during the first month is to build the strength of the non-cancerous cells. Cancer cells steal energy, nutrition and glucose from normal cells.

At least 40 percent of all cancer patients die because of the malnutrition of the non-cancerous i. Thus a person with Stage III cancer will have very weak normal cells. It is important to give these normal cells a shot of very high nutrition, zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment. For those who have been on chemotherapy or radiation, the normal cells will have been weakened and toxified by chemotherapy and radiation. This first month of building and detoxifying their normal cells is even more important for them.

Firstzeolite and ip6 cancer treatment, there is a wide range of quality among the various manufacturers of this product e.

Thirdthe vendor that is recommended has been proven zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment have the integrity and knowledge necessary to consistently produce a high quality product. Some are far more interested in cutting costs than in producing a quality product.


Zeolite and ip6 cancer treatment