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Warning Signs That You're Zinc Deficient

Zinc and vitamin c cancel

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User Name Remember Me? I work at a hospital a fellow coworker became ill the other day. She said no, zinc and vitamin c cancel, you not supposed to take vitamin C along with zinc because zinc and vitamin c cancel nullifies the effects of each other. She assured me this was true Originally Posted by magemage.

Find all posts by Sister Ray. Originally Posted by Sister Ray. The idea that vitamin c prevents colds or makes them less severe is a myth. This past year, whenever I feel a cold coming on, I try to take as much Vitamin C as possible. Originally Posted by Thebobo. Sorry to do this to you but would you mind elaborating? You may zinc and vitamin c cancel some good information that some of us could use. I was always wondering if they are all in vain.

While I do not seem to get as sick as often, but when I do it appears to be mild. I would like to think the wad of cash I spend on them a year is actually doing good. Both supplement the immune system, but there is very little high quality evidence that high doses prevent or cure viral illness.

It is true, however, that vitamin C will help the absorption of iron and tannins interfere with it Maybe someone mixed their vitamins up? One last comment-- if you take too much of anything water soluable vit C, vits B, most minerals, etc you will just pee them out. However, if you take too much of the fat soluable vitamins A, D, E, and K zinc and vitamin c cancel can run into some pretty serious problems like too much vit E will anticoagulate you much the same as warfarin ,and too much vit A can leave you blind!

A good diet and the occasional multi-vitamin when you are low is ample!!! There are warnings against eating grapefruit or drinking juice while you take certain meds, mostly statins. The best known one is Lipitor. It changes the way your body processes the medication. Doses are set with the knowledge that a certain amount will pass out of your body in your wastes, and grapefruit causes you to absorb more than you should. Apparently, the liver enzyme that breaks down some component of grapefruit is the same one that breaks down some medications.

The FDA now requires medicines to be tested to see if grapefruit changes absorption rates. Also, zinc and vitamin c cancel, on the back of my zinc lozenges there is a warning not to drink or eat any citrus type 2 diabetes and ear ringing an hour before or after you take one because it reduces the effectiveness of the zinc.

I think I like that word. Originally Posted by Dr. You know this topic is over two years old and magemage is no longer a registered snopester, zinc and vitamin c cancel, right? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. BB code is On. All times are GMT. The time now is Zinc and vitamin C cancel each other out?

Originally Posted by magemage I work at a hospital a fellow coworker became ill the other day, zinc and vitamin c cancel. Originally Posted by Sister Ray Yes they would. Find all posts by Thebobo. Find all posts by Artemis. Originally Posted by Thebobo Sorry to do this to you but would you mind elaborating? Find all posts by Liza.

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Zinc and vitamin c cancel